Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So, of course with this being the last day of April, we should expect another hard freeze tonight, right? Oh, and maybe tomorrow night, also. What? Are they serious? I waited and waited and waited and last Saturday finally had Rob plant my raspberry bushes. Yep, I did. I finally felt like it was safe. We had gotten through the freezes and back into sixty and seventy degree weather--even yesterday was fairly warm. Today--we were in the mid-fifties--and dropping. O.K.--I give. I don't know when it would have been safe to plant them so I guess I will just have to hope they make it through---this . . . this . . . hmmmm . . . it's kind of hard to get on board with the whole global warming thing right now, Al. Have you considered maybe calling it Global Cooling? Just some food for thought . . .

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