Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Or is it my first name? It's hard to remember some days! Lol! Today has been exhausting. I don't know what wore me out more--my five miles on the treadmill or the playdate I let the kids have. Let's see 2 four year olds and a five year old for over three hours vs. five miles on the treadmill--hmmm, yah, that's hardly a contest, is it? Lol!

Actually, playdates aren't usually that bad when they can play outside but it was still pretty chilly here today so I kept them inside. That was probably my first mistake. I should have thrown coats on them and sent them outside. They would have been much happier. I am just so careful with Jonathon. We have almost made it through the Winter and early Spring incident free and I really don't want him to end up in the hospital here at the very end!

Dad and I were discussing the decibel level yesterday after their playdate with another neighbor girl. It can get loud enough with two of them some days but add a third in the mix and wow! And really, it's not too bad until someone gets unhappy or overly anxious about something. Then it's trouble! And when you have a three and five year old - it seems like someone is ALWAYS unhappy or overly anxious -- so trouble is my . . . Well, you get the gist. :)

Make it a great day!

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