Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, we were hoping Grandpa would come home today but they took a look at his cultures and said ----- wait for it . . . "He doesn't have any!" O.K. Just kidding. That's not what they said at all! But it's the best I could come up with after midnight. And you know, he earned that one--I can't tell you how many times my father has asked me if I was born in a barn. And I'm pretty sure if I'd been born in a barn he wouldn't have been very far away -- are you following me? Just teasing Dad! But I digress.

Back to my point, and I do have one. Dad's cultures weren't exactly where they wanted them so they decided to keep him another day. They had also been checking the areas where he had Cellulitis and it looked like it was clearing up really well. He has it on his back and hip area, I believe. Anyway, they turned him over and got a look at the other side and it hadn't gotten much better at all. It was still pretty angry looking, so I'm not sure exactly what that means. That might be why the cultures weren't where they wanted them to be or it might mean they need to keep him a few more days. I guess we will know more tomorrow when the Doc or PA show up and let us know.

Mom has been staying at the hospital with him since Sarah left. She is tired but seems to want to be with him. I didn't make it out there today as I've got a Kindergartner and pre-schooler to get off to school now. Hopefully, he will come home tomorrow and I can be more help.

I will keep you all posted. Thanks again for all your prayers. I know he is being blessed by them. Much love. N.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Grandpa is definitely improving! He was able to walk to the bathroom pretty much on his own today. They didn't have him take a walk around the floor or anything like that but trust me when I tell you it is a pretty big miracle that he was able to walk at all! Especially when you compare that to how weak he was when we brought him into the hospital.

The docs are going to check his cultures tomorrow morning and then tell us if they are at levels that will allow us to bring him home or not. If they do send him home tomorrow, he will most likely come home with one IV but we will take him anyway he comes. I'm sure it will be more comfortable for him than the hospital.

My sister Sarah is an angel. She surprised us yesterday (her favorite thing to do) and showed up at the hospital to help. She spent the night there with Dad and then stayed until about 3 or so today before she headed back to Idaho so she could work Monday. She is so great to come and help anytime there is a concern.

So, funny story--the hospital rewarded her for her good deed by paving her car in the parking lot. Lol. She went out to leave and found that her car was one of 3 or 4 in a lot they paved Sunday. They didn't give anyone fair warning. No signs to say don't park here. No one came around to the rooms and asked people to move their cars--they just paved around the cars and then put up these tall orange and white standards and orange plastic ribbon and strapped those cars in!

Sarah called my cell phone a few minutes after I walked her down to the first floor and told me she was trapped. I told her I'd be right down. I walked down and went out to her car with her. We both laughed and then I just walked up and tore the plastic ribbon and moved the cones. She looked at me like "Crap, are we gonna get in trouble?" Actually, I think that's what she said. Anyway, I didn't care. You don't do that to people. I assisted with the renovation of a 400,000 plus square foot building with a couple of major parking lots that were affected when I worked on a major campus. There are protocols to follow when you are going to do something like this--especially if it involves a public parking lot! Gee willakers people!

See the lighter parking space--that's where Sarah's car was. And as you can see there are other cars blocked in the lot as well. This is before I put the standards back in place.

Anyway--after I let my baby sis out. I put their standards right back in place and tied their orange plastic ribbon back in a knot. I figured that would give the next person/car a hint at how to get out. Lol!

Not a fancy knot but it did the trick! Lol!

Check out how many cars they've blocked in these lots!
 Oh yah, when I walked back in the hospital there was a security guard at the reception desk facing the parking lot. He had just sat down. I said, "Hi, how are you?" He said, "Fine, how are you?" And I kept walking. I think he just missed my heroic rescue! Ha! Lucky him-- O.K . . . or me!
My sisters and I are brave in different areas--I wouldn't do some of the things she'd do. The other night when they weren't helping us real fast at the hospital, I was texting back and forth with her and grumbling about it and said I wished she was there to handle it. She wrote me back and said "You know it, I'd be there kicking butts and taking names!" And she would, too!Lol! I'm pretty sure that's why she showed up--to make sure nobody was mistreating our Daddy!

So, just for clarification--Don't block my sisters in or you have to deal with me--and don't mistreat my parents in the hospital--or I will sick my baby sister on you! Get it, Got it--Good. (Oh--just kidding--kind of.) :) Well, that's your daily dose.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Dad is in the hospital here. They seem to have things well in hand. They are treating his Cellulitis aggressively and are doing wound care on his bed sores. He has two that were mostly healed before he and mom went on this trip that have now opened back up a little. They drove over 1,000 miles total and that is a lot of sitting when you can't lift yourself to adjust the way you're sitting. So, the wounds were disturbed some. They also are treating him for a mild UTI (urinary tract infection). Any of those things or the complications that come with them could make him weak, so that is the most likely explanation for why he has no strength in his legs.

It looks like they plan to keep him until at least Monday. He has his regular cell phone with him (765) 247-8149 and I'm sure he would love to talk to you if you have a moment to call. He is in room 326 of the Davis County Hospital in Layton, UT.

They have him on a treatment plan and are shooting for trying to have him well enough to return home by Monday sometime. They are not at all sure though--just a target date. His spirits seem to be better today, though.

Well, that's all I know for now. I will keep you posted. Take care and thanks so much for the prayers. Love you, Nancy


Well, I was going to tell you all about Mom and Dad's trip but I will start with the latest news. Mom and I are sitting in the ER at the moment with Dad. He has been running a fever for a few days and had been really weak. Mom figured out this evening that it is the Cellulitis he's had in the past that has returned. So around 1:00 a.m. we brought him to the emergency room.

The doctor has already seen him and confirmed it is the Cellulitis and that it needs to be treated aggressively so they are admitting him. We are waiting now for a hospitalist to come in and do that.

As far as the trip they took, Mom and Dad met Retha Brouhard and her daughter Diana in McCall, Idaho and stayed at a Condo there for a few days. They had a great time catching up and just did a whole lot of talking and laughing. Retha took a plane back to Indiana the day after Mom and Dad left. She is moving back there.

Well, I will keep you posted on Dad's health. Take care.

Friday, September 27, 2013


So, tonight was Carly's final soccer game. Wow, we thought last night was cold! Brrr. Last night was a sauna compared to tonight. It was 49 degrees out there with biting winds blowing. I layered the kids and did a little layering myself but I should have put heavy coats and gloves on us and brought a heavy blanket to wrap around us. It was really cold--even Rob complained and he never complains about it being cold.

Jono and I went and sat in our van for about 10 minutes during the first quarter and then about halfway through the second quarter he and I packed it in for good. Daddy braved it and stayed to the end but Jono and I couldn't take anymore of the biting winds.

It's too bad, though because Carly was playing great and I really wanted to watch her. I did get a few pictures early on, though. Carly's team had a bunch of go-getters on it this year. They were really fun to be play with, too and had such great sportsmanship.

Practice makes perfect

Coache's Corner

What's the plan coach?
Game time!


Thursday, September 26, 2013


This has been a busy week. We've had a ton going on around here. Luckily Rob is off this week and around to help, though. Jono had his last soccer game tonight and was such a little star! He made 3 goals -- one that he pretty much drove in all by himself!

He had such a great coach this year--one that had a ton of energy and kept the boys enthused about the game and what they were doing. They all got medals at the end tonight and were pretty excited about that. Instead of just giving them the medals his coach gathered them all together and had made up awards for each of them. Jono's was for being one of the speediest on the field. He really is a fast little guy when he wants to be.

It's been fun watching he and Carly play this year but I am glad the season is over. Carly's last game is tomorrow night and not a minute too soon. As you can see, we had too really bundle Jono up to play. It was really cold! Plus, it had rained most of the day on top of the cold!

Grandma and Grandpa have been on a little trip. They are on their way back now, so when they arrive home I will get their report and tell you all about it. Hope all is well for you and yours!

Daddy and Jono
Mommy's handsome princes

Jono's team "The Sharks" getting some
direction from Coach Crockett

The Coach with his Sharks

Jono gets his medal from Coach Crockett

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I usually try to write something more personal on my blog but I am deeply disturbed by this story and want to share it. I have a hard time fathoming what is happening to our country. It feels like we are being lead quietly over a cliff because only a few of us have the courage to stand up to the evils happening around us. If you haven't heard of or don't understand what "Common Core" is then please "Bing" or "" it. I don't recommend "google" to anyone anymore as they don't care at all about your privacy. But, I digress.

Regardless of whether you know about Common Core or not, what you see in this video should scare the daylights out of you. If it doesn't, you just don't get it. Something is really wrong in our Country right now and if we don't do something to turn it around we are going to be one very sorry people.

I'm not sure what the answer is but I know it begins and ends with prayer and hard work. Please watch:


Our Mamma dog Sadie lost 42 lbs today. I am exaggerating of course. She only looks like she lost 42 lbs. We took her to be groomed and had her shaved to the lowest possible level. She is half Lab and half Collie, heavy on the Collie--and when she blows her coat, she really blows. We were all starting to look like we had fur so we gave up rolling ourselves with sticky rollers and broke down and had her shaved.

Now don't feel sorry for her. It may seem funny but she actually LOVES being shaved! She sleeps on the tile floor in the summer because she is so hot and in the winter we have a hard time getting her to come in when she goes out to do her business because she likes to take extra time to snow-bathe. That's what I call her habit of just lying in the snow and soaking up the cold. This puppy puts out a lot of heat! She is running around the house tonight with a ton of energy compared to what she normally does.

I call her the Mamma dog because she is a year older than our other dog, Tashie. She takes good care of Tashie. She cleans her face, ears and keeps her fur nice and soft. Tashie -- lets her. That's my way of saying Tashie does not return the favor. She is definitely the puppy in the relationship.

The first time we had Sadie shaved we were stunned when we picked her up because she is a tri-color dog and when her fur is shaved she becomes this muted tan. We didn't know that all of her color comes out in the longer hair. If we hadn't recognized her face and personality, we wouldn't have believed she was our dog.

So skipping forward to today -- something funny happened when we picked Sadie up. We warned the kids she would look really different and they might not recognize her. The clerk asked for our name and our dog's name and then went in the back to get her. She was gone for a few minutes and then sure enough, came back with a dog NONE of us recognized! She came out with this roly-poly little dachsund. She did bring Sadie--she just brought the wrong Sadie! Apparently they had two Sadie's to groom today at the same time and she hadn't checked to make sure she had our name right. Lol! Of course, we had the kids believing for a moment or two that our Sadie had shrunk and changed that much! Hahaha! Too funny!

I took some before and after pictures of Sadie today so I could let you see the difference. Here's our naked mamma dog. Lol!

Sadie just before her grooming appointment
Sadie just after her grooming appointment

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Jono went to his first birthday party today--I mean one he got invited to. He was so excited. I bought a cool gift for him to take. It was a yellow caterpillar tractor that makes all the noises and has real movements. Yah, he wasn't so excited about that--the giving it away part. Lol. He got "attachment syndrome" -- you know-- couldn't keep his hands off it. Try explaining to a four year old he can't keep the cool toy you just brought home and showed to him. Hahaha! Yah, that was a fun part of my day. I had to cajole and threaten to get it away from him to wrap it for the birthday boy. Poor little guy -- he wanted to keep it so bad. Oh well, this too shall pass.

It was a great birthday party, though. The mom and grandma made "super-capes" and masks for all the kids attending--and there were about 15. So much work but also so cute and fun. They held the party at a park and the kids had a blast.

We had to pick Jono up right from there to go straight to his soccer game. He was very in demand today! Lol. Pretty sure he had a fun day.

Here's a shot of him at the birthday party with his friend Ellie.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I can't remember the last time I went five days without blogging but I know it's been a long time. I apologize but life has gotten a little hectic since I've become Mom to a Kindergartner and a pre-schooler who are both playing city league soccer and taking a tumbing/dance class. I am now the Mommy-bus driver along with the chief cook and bottle washer and cheerleader. Lol!

I actually spent time today setting about ten different alarms on my phone to go off in the next two days so I can remember to be at different appointments, games, classes I am supposed to --oh, and also to remind me to do all the assignments I have to do for each one. Oh yah - and one more alarm to make sure the kids have their homework done, too. Yep, even in Kindergarten they have one two-sided page of homework a day.

Grandpa and Grandma are doing well. Grandpa's voice seems to have made a pretty strong comeback this week. If I didn't already know he had a problem with it, I sure wouldn't have had any clue he did the way he answered the phone today. It took me way back to when his voice was strong and almost thunderous. It was again today. I heard my Dad on the phone talking like he did twenty or thirty years ago, Loud, strong and clear. It was great to hear him talking like that again.

Well, I'd better get going for now. I have an early morning tomorrow and you know what they say ~ there's no rest for the wicked.  So, I'm gonna go get me some while the rest of you stay up and party! Lol!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Jono had a soccer game tonight but there was a storm coming in and we were on notice that they might cancel the game. I was secretly praying they would. They didn't. We got to the field and the wind was playing harder than the boys were. It nearly whipped us all off the field. It got really cold and awnry with us but we stuck it out. The boys all did great but I felt bad for those who had games the hour after ours. I'm pretty sure they didn't make it through their games before the storm hit. We were just lucky it didn't start while ours was on. I was so glad to get back inside my house and get something warm on. Don't tell me Winter is upon us already! Ahhhhhh!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here's a couple photo's from the first week of school. This photo of Jono is him goofing off at Carly's soccer game. He LOVES to wear his sunglasses and ask everyone if he looks COOL. Lol!

Carly is still excited to go to school everyday. She loves everything about it and is a very independent little girl. She loves picking out her outfits and I think she is the cutest thing ever, but then, I guess I am a little biased. ;)


Still getting used to my new schedule of getting the kids to and frm school. I nearly give myself  a heart attack at least once a day thinking I'm late getting the kids to school when I actually stilll have 15 minutes left. Or rushing over to pick them up knowing I'm late only to have to wait another 20 minutes for them to get out. I don't know why I can't keep it straight but I am sure having a hard time, Guess it's kind of like a brain block. Luckily, so far I have only shown up early once with kids in tow. Lol. Gotta love me. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013


Got my hubby back this evening after almost a week away working to install new equipment in a hospital about four hours away. Love having him home and the kids have missed him really bad. They had tumbling/dance this afternoon and loved it! We got a pretty good rainstorm this evening with winds and all but it did help it to cool down a bit so that was nice.

Grandpa went and had a sleep study last night. Grandma went with him and slept in a recliner--or at least tried to. I think Grandpa was the only one who really got any rest, though. He doesn't have his results yet though. I think he will get them in about a week.

Well, just a bunch of "to do" lists planned for the weekend. Hope you have more excitement planned than we do. :)


Yesterday Carly said, "Mom, Can you buy me an app? I was a little surprised to have my five year old asking me for an electronic application but I recovered  quickly and said, "What's an app, Carly?" She said, "I don't know but can I have it?" Oh my goodness--the commercial marketing during kiddie cartoons is out of control! They are trying to sell our toddlers and Kindergartners apps! Really?! Holy cow!

On a more positive note--I have a really heartwarming story to tell about something that happened at soccer tonight. I am always worried about how my little ones are going to be treated in this world that can sometimes be a little cruel and unfair. My mamma bear instincts are always on high alert for just that reason.

Tonight Carly had a soccer game and she was supposed to have her team photo taken right before the game started. We were supposed to be there fifteen minutes early the game. We did Jonathon's last night with no problem. Tonight, it just felt like one thing after another combined against us and we ended up being almost ten minutes late. Long story short--we got there just after they finished our team photo. The girls and coach were already walking away from the photo booth toward the field we were to play on. We still headed to the booth to get her individual picture taken but knew we had lost the opportunity for her group one as there were hundreds of kids there for group photos and they didn't have time to do retakes. It is a city kid's league. However, we had only been waiting a moment or so for Carly's individual photo to be taken when her five adorable teammates marched back up to the Coach, who was waiting with us near the photographer and said "We need to have our team picture retaken because Carly wasn't in it. We need our whole team in it." I FELL IN LOVE WITH THOSE LITTLE GIRLS AT THAT MOMENT. And because they all came together and were insistent they had to have their whole team in their picture the photographer re-took their photo and was very nice about it. I don't know many five year old'swith that level of maturity and caring--and they were not being prompted or coached by anyone. They did it on their own.

Afterwards, I thanked them and told them I was so proud of them for being so sweet and kind. A couple of them piped up and said, "We're a team--we do things together. We play together--that's why we keep winning!" This mom had tears in her eyes watching all this play out -- and for quite awhile after. This mom has a grateful heart for some very thoughtful, kind little girls.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I feel like I have been on a dead run for the last few days. With the beginning of school and the beginning of preschool, soccer games, doctor appointments and well, I won't bore you with all the details but it seems like as soon as I finish one thing it is time to go back and retrieve the first thing. Then I have to start into my list all over again. I guess that is just part of being a mom and juggling things. I used to be good at multi-tasking but I don't seem to be doing so well anymore and I'm not sure what happened.

These schedules are apparently working my last brain cell, though because I have tried to drop the kids off a half hour early and tried to pick them up twenty minutes early. For some reason, I cannot keep their times straight. I think I am just going to take a big black sharpie and write their drop off and pick up times on inside of my visor so it can't be seen unless I pull it down to look. Lol! Just kidding. I will get it down.

I am now paying attention to homework, school clothes and car pools and leaving house cleaning, lawn mowing and vegetable gardening in the wind. I've finally realized ~ I need a wife! Wah!

p.s. I've always said, "If I can whine, I can do anything. Lol!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Jono had a great time at preschool this morning . We weren't there long but it was long enough for him to make some friends and have a good time. He starts regularly on Thursday and will go two days a week. Carly went back to school, too today and loved it. Nikki and I helped put together homework packets for about an hour for one of the Kindergarten teachers. Then when we got the kids home it was time to do homework with them. I can actually keep up with Kindergarten homework! Yay! Lol!

It is still pretty warm here. The kids have soccer games the next few nights and pictures with their teams Here's to hoping it doesn't rain anymore -- at least until pictures are over!

Tashie got out and rolled in something really smelly today so we had to giver her a bath. It was not fun, but she sure smelled good afterward and was really soft, too. She actually even stayed in the tub for us and didn't try to jump out, either--until we were done and I told her too.

Well, better get them some treats and gt myself in bed. It's nearly 3:00 a. m. -- Night all!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We had a fun labor day. Did some things around the house with the kids and then took them over to a trampoline park. We went with some friends and their family. The kids all had a great time together. All of us parents jumped, too. It was really fun. This was our second time and our second place to go. The little kids were the most daring. They would jump off anything onto almost anything. They scared me a few times, but they are still alive.

Jono helped Grandma make dessert today. The two of them were up to no good in the kitchen for quite some time and then the next thing we knew there were 2 beautiful meringue pies on the counter, 1 chocolate and 1 coconut. They were really yummy! Plus, Jono really loved helping Grandma. He felt like such a big boy!

Grandma C. and Jono

Jono starts preschool today and Carly goes back for her second week of Kindergarten! So we are back at it! Hope your labor day was a good one and you are happy to be back at it, too!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Spent a day at the amusement park this week. The kids had great fun. They didn't want to leave. it was so hot, though. It's only been in the mid-eighties to upper nineties but it has felt so much hotter. Luckily there are some rides that involve just a touch of water and that cooled us off a bit. I swear the kids are like little energizer bunnies, though. They keep going and going and going. They would be there still if we didn't set a time limit. They just don't seem to wear out. It's only when they start to get a little cranky that we know it's time to go.

Carly loved the rest of her week of school last week. It's fun to see her so excited about learning. She is making friends and loving her class time. Jono starts pre-school on Tuesday. They are both taking a Creative Dance class that includes tumbling, hip-hop, and break dancing among other things. They are having a blast!

Grandpa and Grandma are both doing well. They have both been had recent check-ups and had good reports from their doctors. Nothing new to report--and as they say--in this case no news is good news. Well, that's about it from here. Hope all is well with you and yours. Night all.