Saturday, September 29, 2012


Siblings, never sweeter to each other than when they are sleeping. Lol!

We went on a weekend trip to visit Julie (it was Parent's weekend) at the university where she is attending college and by the end of our first day the little ones were worn out--but happy! They were so excited to see and spend time with their big sister. They have missed her so much! So have mommy and daddy! It was a fun little trip and good to see that Julie is doing well. Now back to the grind! ;)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, I had a terrific birthday. Slept in a bit and then spent the day with my family. I had a late lunch with Rob and the kids. Then we went to Carly's last soccer game and afterward we went home to open presents and eat cake and ice cream. I heard from several of my friends and family. It was a nearly perfect day. The only thing that could have made it better was to have them all here with me. Thanks everyone! Love you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, tomorrow is my birthday. I've never been one to dread birthdays but the years have started to pile up and that does make one want to verbally adjust the number when asked how old you are going to be. I thought I had the perfect solution for that until I told Rob my plan. I told him I was going to start being dyslexic--that way I'd only be 25 this year. Without missing a beat, my quick thinking hubby said but what are you going to do next year when you are 35, and the next year when you are 45 and the next year when you are 55, and the next year when you are 65 . . . OKAY, OKAY . . . STOP! I GET IT ALREADY! Back to the drawing board. I'm just going to be a day older tomorrow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Happy Birthday to me. Lol!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Dad's physical therapist came over and went downstairs to work with him this afternoon and about ten minutes later I went downstairs for something and darned if everyone wasn't gone. I mean, really gone. I looked in every room and Grandma was gone, Grandpa was gone and so was the physical therapist. The weird thing was they would have had to come up the stairs and go past me to leave the house and I didn't see them leave. At least--that was the only thing that made any sense to me. I walked up stairs kind of shaking my head, trying to think logically where they could be and then it occurred to me that she must have decided to take him out back and up the stairs again. So, I looked out my back kitchen window and -- it was better than that. She had him running laps in the yard! Okay, not really, but she did have him walking laps in the yard--and he was doing really well! She has helped him so much. He is doing so much more than he had been doing before. We are so impressed with her!

Grandpa is always pretty worn out after she leaves but he is up and doing more of what he wants to every day. We think that is huge progress! ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SUNDAY . . .

Our trip to the zoo yesterday kind of wiped us out so we haven't done much today. I did work on Carly's hair a bit. I am trying to learn some braiding styles and techniques. So far, I am doing fairly well with some very simple ones. I don't know if I will ever master the harder ones but as long as I can put her hair into some type of style I think I will feel okay about it. I will probably have to take her to someone to have the harder ones done.

I really never understood what African American women go through to make their hair look nice. Depending on their type of hair, they work very hard and put a lot of time and effort into it. They have been so creative it is absolutely amazing to me.

Well, there really isn't much to tell you about today. We have been very lazy and there is nothing to report.
Grandma and Grandpa are doing fine, as are we. Take care everyone!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Overheard on our way to the zoo:
Dad: You guys are going to get to see some giraffes and bears . . .
Mom: Jono, dinosaurs aren't alive anymore.
Jono: Why?
Mom: Well, they died.
Jono: They sleeping?
Mom: Uh, well, kind of . . . a really long sleep.
Jono: But it morning al~weddy mommy! :-)

We tried to catch the real Rhino but he was too fast for us (yah, right)
 so we settled for this imposter! Lol!

Here's my little ham~he's not a bit camera shy, but don't get him too close to the tiger--even if the tiger is in a cage! Haha!

I would swear these giraffes did not want their photos taken. No matter what the angle they tried to get away!
Happy kids, fun day, hot daddy!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Grandpa had an appointment with his cardiologist today (just a check-up) and he got a clean bill of health. The doctor thought Dad was doing really well.

Tomorrow Rob and I are going to take our little ones to the zoo. That should make for one interesting day! Not much else going on. More later.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I ended up being a single mom with two kids at Carly's game tonight since Rob was on-call--and of course, got called two and half hours away from here. Jonathon wouldn't nap today so he was really on one and I knew I was in trouble before we even got to the soccer field. I tried anyway and obtained a promise from him that he would be a good boy. Well, I shouldn't have bothered. I'm guessing a three year old really doesn't understand what that means. That little guy had me chasing him all over that field. I finally resorted to his harness (which only makes him scream at the top of his lungs) which I rarely use because it usually only makes things worse. True to form . . . within about three minutes my nearly naked Houdini was running across three soccer games sans clothes, shoes and harness.

Ya know, It would have been so easy to stand up and with an innocent look--point and say "Hey, somebody's little boy is running around nearly naked! He could get himself hurt! Whose kid is that anyway?! What kind of mother let's her little boy run around like that?! Well, if no one is going to claim him--I'll see if I can get him to come to me and take him to the police station before he gets hurt. Geesh! (Why do I always think of these things too late?) Maybe next time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jono played soccer tonight and he did manage to stay on the field most of the time. It was a definite improvement over the last few games. Carly managed to meet a couple new friends to play with while he was on the field. She makes friends so easily--and that makes me happy.

Sara and Stephen got to Portland around 9:30 tonight. They are in a hotel tonight but are going to move in to their apartment tomorrow morning.

Grandpa still hasn't recovered all of his hearing from our little shootout the other day. That is worrying us a bit. We are going to give it another day or so and then probably see a doctor about it. He's always had that selective hearing loss--but this stuff is totally new! Cross your fingers and say a little prayer that his hearing comes back. We all have lots of things to tell him still. ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012


Tonight we met up with our daughter Sara and her husband on their way to Portland for four years. They are moving there so her husband can attend school to become a chiropractor. His father and uncles are chiropractors so it's a longstanding family tradition. Anyway, we had a nice visit with them and then they headed on down the road. They are excited to get to their new apartment and get going in school. Hopefully, four years will pass quickly--but not too quickly--cuz that would just make the rest of us four years older, right? Hmmm. Think I'm gonna start sticking to that 29 story someone thought up years ago.  ;}

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'm thinking I missed something yesterday while we were shooting and maybe there were howitzers going off on either side of us. Grandpa says he's only recovered about 25% of his hearing since we got back. Yikes! Seriously though, it did take me about three hours to feel like I could hear normally again. It really is so loud when people are shooting weapons right next to you--and you come away feeling, at the very least, really fuzzy even with ear protection in your ears.

I sure hope his hearing loss is only temporary but if it happens to stick--I'm thinking my sister's and I can use it to our advantage. I can't think of a better time for us to start fessing up to all the things we did as kids that we weren't supposed to. Can you? Hee, hee, hee! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Rob, Grandpa and I went and had ourselves a little fun today. We went to a local shooting range and got a few of our frustrations out. Lol! Totally kidding! Turns out Grandpa is a pretty good shot, though! Take a look--especially for a guy who hasn't picked up a gun for 40 years or so!

Although, the outing did have a downfall, we all came back a little deaf--so if Grandpa can't hear you for a few days, it's really not his fault. There were some pretty big blasts going off on all sides and even with ear protection--we found we had a hard time hearing each other for quite a while afterwards! At least, I hope that's what it was . . . can't be that we are getting old or anything!


Friday, September 14, 2012


Grandma had her six month check-up with her cancer doctor today and got a clean bill of health. He gave her a year reprieve on visits, so she won't need a check-up again until next September! Yay! We are so thrilled with the news and just wanted to let you know, too! Have a terrific Saturday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Carly did such a great job at soccer tonight. She made the first two goals -- and they happen to be the first goals she has ever made. She was really excited, and once again she was the only kid who didn't ask for a break. I think she is really starting to enjoy playing.  Not only that--she is starting to understand the rules--which is always a good thing! Lol!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I took my kids to the grocery store with me today and boy was I ever sorry. Carly was good the whole time but Jono, even though he was excited to go and promised me he'd be good, was horrid! Oh my goodness, I can't even explain how awful he was. I'm sure the other store patrons all went home and told stories about this woman in the store who couldn't control her child. Yes, it was that bad.

You're wondering why I didn't just gather my kids up and leave, right? Well, I thought about it--several times, but he always starts when I have my cart partially loaded. And I always think, I just need a couple more things--I can do it quickly and get out of here. Only, it never ends up being quick because I have to chase a screaming mimi down several store aisles! Why, oh why don't I learn?!

He even ran far enough away once that he got lost from me and I could hear him crying that panicky "I'm lost" cry kids have--only, I couldn't find him fast enough. But, no worries--by that time, everyone in the store knew he was attached to me and they were all pointing me towards him as I looked for him. You know "He went that way." Gah! He was very glad to see me when I found him--and promised all over again to be good. It lasted two seconds when I got to the cart. Aaargh!

I never dared act this way in a store -- actually I probably did and got swatted and stopped it! But you can't swat your children anymore. I bribed, pleaded, threatened, cajoled, promised, begged, threatened some more--but nothing worked. He is still in the "TERRIBLES!" When he would run away from the cart and I would try to get him to come back he would flash me that sweet grin just before he started screaming. That little boy has my number! It is so frustrating.

I did finally give up and just pay for my stuff so I could get him out of there. Needless to say he was in quite a bit of trouble when he got home. He ate dinner in his bedroom and went to bed early. He kept telling me "I sawwy Mama" once he realized there was a price to pay, but I didn't give in. Hopefully, he will start to put two and two together soon. He is such a cute little guy but he can be such a rascal! In the meantime, don't look for him in any stores! You will have to visit him at the house! Lol! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We always will. God bless the families of those who lost loved ones on this horrific day eleven years ago. God bless your broken hearts and help you keep their memories alive and God forever bless the United States of America and her amazing people that we may ever remember YOU and keep your name sacred and holy.


Jono had soccer tonight and we were not far into the game when it became apparent he wasn't focusing very well. The ball got kicked out of bounds and several of the boys, including Jono, went after it. Only when the group returned with the ball, one little boy was missing. I'll bet you can guess which one? Yep, you got it. I scanned the area where they had gone to get the ball and there was my little munchkin - watching some biker's ride their bikes and day dreaming about riding with them, I'm sure! We yelled and hollered to get his attention as the game went on without him, but finally I had to send Rob over to get him.

We had several little moments like that throughout his short game, but I think this had to be my favorite. It happened a couple of times and I caught this one on camera. The first time he was not facing my direction and was way at the other end of the field. His coach finally righted his shirt and turned him around to play. This time, I caught the photo and then we made him/them start playing again. Lol! It's probably a good thing they don't keep score at this age. You can see he's not really competitive - at least at sports yet. Hahaha!

I'm pretty sure there is a future class clown in this child. Karma has it in for me on that one--and danged if I didn't earn it. I could name several teachers who would testify to that but I won't bother. I'll just admit my guilt and tell you I'm sure I'm going to pay dearly. ;} (Oh my goodness, his poor teachers--I can already hear them. I think, I shall feign innocence. Lol!)

That's my boy-er, um, his Dad's boy! Lol!

Actually, he's a lot like his Grandpa was when he was little! Here comes trouble!

Monday, September 10, 2012


All I can say about today is -- it was really a day! I woke up with a migraine and when I recovered from that I decided to take on a headache! Lol! I decided to do Carly hair. I had her hair braided twice in the last month (twice-because the first time it frizzed really bad so the woman re-did it for us.) Well, it turns out her hair just won't hold that kind of braid without frizzing so after only two weeks--again, they had to come out. Only this time Mom is doing the work.

Well, it only took me almost 5 hours to take them out--O.K., maybe a little longer, but you have to understand that after every braid I have to give my little miss a break. She doesn't like to sit still very long and she is a top negotiator. These aren't your normal childhood braids, either. African American hair is a whole other ballgame than anything you've ever braided before. It takes time and patience. It breaks, knots and tangles so easily.

I still have to teach myself to braid. I'm saving that for another day. Carly and I only had the patience for removing the braids today. Luckily for me, she loves puffs. She asked me for them. Her hair is a little long for them now -- and they are a little crooked, but she is happy and that is all that matters. So, I say--Yay for Mommy! Lol!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


We were really proud of Carly this week at her soccer game. She played hard, got knocked down a few times and got right back on her feet and kept playing. She didn't cry or ask to be taken out of the game--she just kept playing. What a change from the first game! In fact, she was the only one not asking for a break during plays.

She is really becoming such a sweet little girl and growing up in so many ways. She isn't even five yet and is so darn smart. She surprises me constantly with her vocabulary and her tender heart. I am so blessed to be her Mommy. I love you baby girl.

Carly with her team members.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Rob and I went to a concert this evening. We went to see Olivia Newton John at our local amphitheater. We got tickets earlier this summer. We each chose a concert for our birthdays and this one was for Rob's birthday. It was really great! I had forgotten all the great songs she made into hits. She really is a great performer and we had a terrific time--not to mention great seats. We were on the second row in the center!

We left the kids with some babysitter's they love--so they were happy, too. It was a good night all around. Lots of fun and good to get out and not worry about anything. Here's a few pictures of Ms. Newton John and company!

Friday, September 7, 2012

MY MITT STORY by Nancypancy

I got an email today that was written by a couple who bought Mitt Romney's home in Park City, Utah sharing the experience they had with him throughout that sale and what they learned about him. It was interesting and had some good insights--and their experience with him backed up what I already believe about him--that he is a good, decent man.

As I was thinking about what I'd read it occurred to me that I had my own Mitt Romney story and it wouldn't hurt to share it. So, here it is.

I haven't always known who Mitt Romney was. In fact, it wasn't until the night before the 2002 Olympics began that I'd ever seen him, but that was the night my impression of him was formed, and it was a good one.

I went to the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies for the SLC 2002 Winter Olympics with some of my friends who worked for the Olympics. As we got near the Opening Ceremony venue we got stuck in horrible traffic--the lines of cars were so long-and the road ahead was so backed up, we didn't think we were going to make it before the ceremonies started. We were almost at a dead halt when out of the blue traffic started moving again--smoothly. We couldn't believe it. As we got through the bottleneck, my friends (the ones who worked for the Olympics) looked and saw who had broken up the bottleneck--and it was Mitt Romney.

We found out later, he had been on his way to host state, national and world dignitaries for those ceremonies, saw the horrific traffic problem and pulled his car off to the side of the road and began directing traffic so people could get through smoothly and quickly to the venue (WHERE HE OF ALL PEOPLE NEEDED TO BE.)

That is the night I became aware of and impressed with Mitt Romney. He hadn't run for any office at that point so I don't know how well known he was, but stopping to direct traffic like he did when there was someplace else more important he should have been was something my dad would have done--and it stayed with me. Talk about a problem solver. I really like the man and I don't believe he is in this for himself. I honestly believe he wants to help turn this country's economy around and help American's succeed--and I believe he can do it if we will just give him the chance. C'mon America!

Anyway, that is my Mitt Romney story! Feel free to pass this on!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My little boy almost gave me a heart attack today! I took him to his soccer game and Carly and I were camped out on our blanket watching him practice with his team when she saw a little girl who looked a lot like her on the next field. It was less than 75 feet away and Carly wanted to go meet her. I mean, the little girl was her size, had similar braids, was brown like her and cute as a button. Carly really wanted to make a new friend. I looked to make sure Jono was practicing with his team and he was--so we walked over and said "Hello" and were making small talk. Carly mentioned her little brother and the little girl's family wanted to see him. I told them he was playing and turned around to point to where he was -- and he was GONE!! We had been over there less than 2 or 3 minutes.

I scanned the fields as fast as I could. There are a dozen or more of them and all of the little kids teams are in similar uniforms. I couldn't see him anywhere. I yelled to his coach and asked where he was. His coach looked at me with a blank expression and told me he had just been there a second ago. At that point I asked someone to watch Carly and started to run. I headed toward the playground area near where we parked figuring that was the most likely spot he'd go to. Other parents started helping me and one father thought he spotted him near the playground and asked me if I wanted him to run ahead of me and grab him. I told him to go ahead. So, he ran really fast and sure enough it was Jonathon. What a relief! I ran and caught up and grabbed that little guy and hugged him really tight and asked him why he left. He was beyond the playground when the dad caught up with him so I knew he wasn't going to play. He told me "I thought you over here, Mommy. I thought you left." Oh my gosh, I got teary. Then he got teary. I had to explain to him that I would never leave him there like that--which is hard to believe little ones don't know already--but they don't.

So, we went back and he played for awhile. I sat on the sidelines and watched -- only to have his coach yell to me at one point when I wasn't looking his way--"Nancy, I think Jonathon's headed for the playground." OH MY GOODNESS! No, the game wasn't over yet! I guess he thought he needed a bwake! I got up and ran--only to stop and SMILE huge when I saw that I could stop running because his Father, who was coming to the game late because of work, had corralled him. Yep, on his way to the playground, he had run smack-dab into Daddy! Lol! Gotta love it! He won't do that again. At least not for awhile. He quickly hurried back to the game to finish playing. That was the lesser of two evils--play soccer in the heat or deal with mad Dad. Hahaha!I think that was my favorite part of the day--watching him accidentally run headlong into Dad. Sometimes--when they misbehave -- there is a punchline! I'm just sayin'! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


I started to post last night but my computer gave up it's ghost so I couldn't finish it. It's been giving me fits. My video card keeps crashing. I don't know if you've ever had a video card crash in a computer but it's no fun. The whole screen looks like a really bad cartoon drawing and you can barely make anything out. I have figured out that if I reboot it somewhere between 5 and 10 times my real screen will usually reappear for at least a few hours before it crashes again. Yay! Rob ordered a part for it that we both really hope works. If not, it's probably going to be curtains for this lap top very soon!

Rob got up very early this morning and went to help one of our neighbors whose home needed a new roof, and some landscaping changes to keep her basement from flooding. They asked for 10 volunteers in church on Sunday and 36 people showed up to help! Isn't that great! The kids and I wandered over to see if we could do anything to help and I helped pull a few (and I mean very few) weeds just as they were finishing. Rob spent his time on the roof. It's fun to see people pulling together like that to help someone. Hey, and what better day to do it than "Labor" day! Lol!

Rob went out to the garden tonight and sent Carly in with the pickings. She said "Mommy, Daddy found a Cuzzini in the garden for you!" Then she handed me the Zucchini. I love hearing kids try to say big words for the first time. ;)

Oh, and Grandma told me this funny line the other day. Carly said to her something like "Grandma, Girls bums are alike aren't they, but boys bummies have a string on them, don't they?" It's true, kids say the darndest things! ;)