Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This will be short as I have an early call at the hospital in the morning. My shoulder surgery is tomorrow and I am apparently the first patient because they have us arriving at the crack of dawn! O.K. maybe not that early but almost! It is supposed to be a quick surgery and I am really hopeful I will come out in less pain than I go in. Prayers are very welcome!

On a very important note, my cousin Ned's stepson Larry is serving in Afghanistan and his vehicle hit an IED today. All we know now is that Larry has a head injury. Please pray for him and his family. They need all the support they can get right now.

Thanks all. N.

Monday, May 30, 2011


May 30, 2010, We woke up to snow this morning. True, it wasn't a lot but it was snow! I think the calendar and the weather have stopped coordinating with each other. Seems to me it used to be unheard of to have snow in May or June but the world is topsy-turvy these days!

Anyway, the gardening we were going to do today DID NOT happen. Hopefully, we can do some planting later this week. We all kind of just vegged today, except for Rob. He worked on organizing the garage. Guess he gets the gold star!

More later. N.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Watched the last part of the Indy 500 with Mom and Dad. Mom made a great dinner today! Yum, Yum! Thanks Mom!

Sitting and watching the end of an Indiana Jones movie with the family right now and then going to do a movie for Carly and Jonathon.

Remembering all those who have given all to serve our country and allow us to keep our freedoms. Thank you so much. Words are not enough but you are in our hearts today. Also, remembering the loved ones and friends our family has lost over the years-and missing them.

Love to you all. More later. N.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today was a catch-up day! Rob was finally able to get out and get our garden cleaned up and ready to plant--nd not a minute to soon either. He got rained out right as he finished. Hopefully, next week we can get it planted.

Grandma and Grandpa both got out today and ran errands. They came back with more stuff for the flower gardens. Grandpa's right shoulder is sure giving him grief, though. It was all he could do after the running around to get it settled down.

The little kids have more energy than any of us know what to do with! They ran circles around us all day. And I do mean literally for some of the day! Lol! They are so full of vim and vigor! (Wish I still had some of that!)

We are going to do our usual Memorial Day/Indy 500 Mile Race dinner tomorrow. The great thing is we can actually watch it from here! That will be fun. Well, better get some sleep. Not much else to report. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Between Carly and Grandma today as Carly is eating some watermelon with her lunch:andma
Grandma:"Carly, do you like watermelon?"
Carly: "Yes, Grandma, I LOVE IT! It's better than water!"

LOL! What a cutie pie, eh? Out of the mouths of babes!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Not a lot went on today. Carly and Jono had a friend over this morning. Grandma and I did a little shopping this afternoon and then Grandma got her hair done. Oh yah, and then I got a great big, old, excited call from Julie! She found out she had lettered in debate! She was hoping she would but wasn't sure if she had accomplished it or not. She was pretty happy. You know, the bouncing off walls kind of happy! We are really, really proud of her! She has worked very hard in debate this year and has done an exceptional job! Congratulations Julie! WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Used to be I couldn't keep a hat on Jonathon's head. Now, he loves them! If he sees a hat he wants it on and he wants it on NOW! I love him in hats! He is such a cutie pie.

You can see he is growing up--he's taken to driving and all! Lol! Well, just wanted to share a few cute pics of my handsome guy! Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I went to my Dr. appt. today expecting to get a cortizone shot or info on how to fix a tear in the labrum only to find out that I actually have a frozen shoulder. Apparently, this is one of the more painful shoulder injuries you can get. (Well, I could have TOLD them that!) Seriously though, I was pretty lucky to find a surgeon who has experienced this injury himself.

Turns out it's not as simple as a cortizone shot. Because the shoulder is frozen they have to physically force the movement and breakup of what has frozen in there. Apparently, there are capsules in the shoulder that can freeze and they have to actually break them open in order to allow movement again. (I'm explaining that in the lowest of layman terms, I'm sure.) Luckily, they do it under anesthesia--so as not to torture you. Afterward, there is a lot of physical therapy and up to two years for full recovery of the use of your shoulder. I think most of the use comes back pretty quickly if you are diligent with the PT. Wow! Just more than I was expecting. I will be glad to get it taken care of though. Hoping to do it at the first of June.

Well, that's about all the news for today. More later. N.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Today, I actually felt like the Kool-Aid Mom I always thought I'd be--and funny enough there was no Kool-Aid involved. Hmmm, maybe there should have been. What I mean is we finally have something for not only our kids to do in the back yard, but now neighbor kids to do as well. We haven't been the yard of choice to play in because we didn't have the "fun toys" for "fun stuff" so we always had to go play at someone else's house or in their yard. Since we got a swingset we are now a bit more popular! Carly and Jonathon are loving it.

We invited three of their friends over today and they had a blast playing in the yard with them. We even took their little trikes out and they got to ride on the cement. It was fun to watch them laughing and playing with their friends and to have some of my friends to sit and watch them with. It was a little rainy off and on today so it was cooler than it has been. Not that it was bad--it was still in the 60's. But, I probably should have broken out the Kool-Aid. I did give them all treats!

On another subject, Grandma checked in with the Orthopedic Surgeon today on her hip. He wants her to hit the physical therapy a little harder. She's had what feels like bursitis in her hip and it's doing somewhat better but kind of moving down her leg now--so it's still uncomfortable.

I finally get into my Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow to have him check out this tear in my right arm. It's a small tear in something called the labrum, some soft tissue that helps stabilize the shoulder joint. It's been pretty darn sore and I'm hoping it can be helped with a cortisone shot like Grandma's was. I guess I will just have to wait and find out tomorrow.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids today.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


We had a nice Sunday, even managed to fit a nap in after church. The kids were pretty good today. They managed to keep the decibel level down to a manageable point during church. That was a good change. Yay!

Fixed some lean, boneless, barbecue porkribs for dinner and served them over rice. That seemed to go over well. I had Julie make some chocolate chip cookies for dessert and that went over really well, too!

It rained most of the day here. Had an hour or two of cool sunshine and then back to rain. Hopefully, we will have some warmth this week so we can finish getting the flowers planted and the veggie garden planted.

Not much going on here. Hope your Sabbath was lovely!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


After much hard work and sweat, and many hours of not so patiently waiting the little ones got their swing set today. And guess what? It has a pony swing and a flying saucer swing, too! Hee Hee! Yep, they are pretty excited! They even got Grandma and Grandpa to come out and sit on the deck and watch them swing for awhile! All in all it was a happy day! Although, I think Daddy is going to need a good soak in the tub for his aching back! Lol! Come on over and swing with us!

Friday, May 20, 2011


One of our family friends back home, Rhea Myers, died. She was 92 years young and we know she will be missed by all her loved ones. From all of us to the Henry Myers family--please know how sorry we are for the loss of your dear wife and mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please know we are thinking of you with much tenderness.

When the great oak is straining in the wind,
the boughs drink in new beauty,
And the trunk sends down a deeper root
on the windward side.
Only the soul that knows the mighty grief
can know the mighty rapture.
Sorrows come to stretch out spaces in the heart for joy.

Edwin Markham

Thursday, May 19, 2011


He started finger painting today . . . during his nap . . . without his diaper on. Yah, not so much fun for the Mommy! But, I guess it's true he's "stinkin'" cute! Turns out he has a lot in common with his older sister Megan. She did things like that at his age, too. Guess, I should get more of the stories so I know what's coming my way!

Jonathon can already climb in and out of his crib. We have found him on top of the dresser, the desk, and asleep on the floor with his blanket. And yet, somehow I think he's toying with us. I think he hasn't even begun to bring out the big guns yet. I'm thinking if we had any brains, we'd be frightened. Don't worry, we're fine. Lol!

Anyone want a visiting art student? We are willing to share him during this growing period of his life--especially at nap time! Hee hee! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We have had a cold, wet, rainy couple of days here. Hoping we see more of the sunshine soon. At least the moisture will be good for the garden!

Rob got home this morning from a work conference. He had been gone since Monday morning. The kids were really glad to see him; so was mommy! We hate it when he's away.

Jonathon has become really verbal lately and unfortunately for me his best word is "NO!" Did I mention he gotten really good with volume as well?! Everything is a "no!" but most things are a "NO!" And if you continue to tell him to do something, like "come here" or "get down" the volume gets louder and louder. Unless I threaten him with a time out or worse yet, Daddy. Then he gets softer and sometimes even does what I ask--um, sometimes. Usually, I have to get up and start to walk toward him before he decides he should comply. I'm not sure why Mommie's get the short end of the stick on the compliance wheel but for some reason we seem to. That's okay though, I used to feel bad using the "Daddy card" but I've gotten over it. Whatever works! Lol!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry it's taken so long to put up some wedding pictures. I can't believe I didn't have anyone take photos with my camera. Guess that's what happens when you are the frantic mother of the bride. Thanks to my sister Sarah for these pictures. I think she got some great shots! (Although it looks like we missed getting a photo of Grandpa in the mix! You'll just have to trust us, I guess. He is still here! Lol! Enjoy!

Our whole family-Katie, Julie, Megan, Stephen and Sara, Mom with Jonathon, Dad with Carly

Stephen, Sara, Mom and Dad

Stephen and Sara, Mom and Dad

Stephen and Sara

Carly, Mama, Jono

Grandma and Caitin (Sarah's daughter)

Caitlin, Grandma, Sarah and Ian (Sarah's son)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Grandma and Grandpa and friends made huge progress on the flower gardens over the weekend and today. They are really starting to look good. Rob and his brother Steve got the rototiller out and worked magic on the hard, clay-like dirt they were working with. It's almost like working with real dirt now! Lol! I really will take pictures this year and show you what they are doing but I want to wait until they get a bit more done.

Julie, Jono and Carly were even big helpers with the gardening. You should have seen Jon with his little shovel! He was such a proud big helper. He is definitely all boy!

It was so nice and warm Saturday and yesterday with temperatures in the upper 70's-80's. Today we still had the sun but the temps were in the 40's and 50's! Major difference! Nearly froze!

Well, that's all I know right now. More later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011



Friday, May 13, 2011


Every night on my way to bed, I stop in to check my little ones. I usually turn the hallway light on and leave their room light off as I check so I don’t wake them. Last night when I checked Carly her room was dark as usual and I thought something looked different about her bed. The closer I got the more nervous I got because I realized I wasn’t seeing my little princess in her bed. In fact, all I could see was something pink and fluffy. When I reached her bed I realized it was a large stuffed bunny rabbit left over from Easter. No problem, I’m sure Carly went to sleep holding onto it and she is just laying beneath it somewhere. So, I reach for the bunny that turns out has been nicely tucked under the covers, head on the pillow pet. (Think that one through. LOL!)

As I pull fluffy bunny out of bed, I begin to panic as I realize Carly really isn’t in her bed. My brain is doing cartwheels and I’m starting to think shades of “Elizabeth Smart.” Could someone honestly have stolen my little girl? Seriously? I can’t think where else she could be since I’ve been out in the living room just outside her door and know she hasn’t slipped out of her room--at least by her normal door. My panic is beginning to rise when I look down on the other side of her bed along the window sill, just hidden from view and see my beautiful baby girl--out cold, no covers, no pillow and no concern at all for the near terror she just put her Mama through.

I picked the bunny up and hucked him across the room. Then picked up my baby girl (not quite as gently as normal) and put her back in bed. I covered her up, kissed her goodnight and breathed a huge sigh of relief—O.K., maybe two. Alright, probably three, but that’s it!

In the morning when I asked her about the bunny incident, she looked at me non-chalantly and said: “Huh? What bunny Mama?” I tried a few more times but she feigned memory loss or complete non interest in my questions. Geez, three year olds! Whatcha gonna do?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wow, I thought I'd only lost one day and then I got ready to do my blog tonight and saw that I'd lost two. MY, my how time flies! Early Monday morning . . . we are talking wee hours, I got really sick. It was apparently a 48-72 hour bug. It lasted all that day and all yesterday. I felt a little better yesterday but not enough to eat anything but soda crackers and I think I had a grand total of two. Plus, I stayed in bed and slept the whole day and night again. I felt quite a bit better today but was not very adventurous with food and didn't bother getting dressed or trying to go outside or anything. Whatever the bug was it wiped the floor with me! Thank goodness for my Mom and Dad, my wonderful husband and my teenage daughter! I don't know what I would have done with my babies without their help! I was so darn sick. I'm just glad (knock on wood) no one else in the house has gotten it!

Grandma started doing her physical therapy again today on her hip. She took a pretty long time out and they were getting after her so she had to get back to it. Hopefully, it will start helping some.

Grandma and Grandpa both wore themselves out gardening last week but they made some nice progress. It's been rainy here so far this week. Hopefully, that has softened the ground up some. They said it was like trying to break up concrete. Ugh! It was like that last year and we worked in cow manure and new topsoil so I thought it would make this year a lot easier. Dad said it will take about 5 years of that to make it softer. GAH!

Well, not much else is happening. I'm not even unpacked from the weekend yet! Everyone else is--but then I'm the only one who has been sick so GIMMEE A BREAK, WILL YA?! LOL!

Have a nice day. More later~

Sunday, May 8, 2011



Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mom, you are the absolute best! You have always been there for me and have always put us kids first. Thanks for being the kind of Mom every kid wants to have! Thanks for everything! I love you very much! Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011


The wedding was lovely. Lots of rushing at the last minute but things turned out beautifully. I don't have any pictures to show as I wasn't the one with a camera in my hand. Seems weird I know, but true. Hopefully, someone will send me one soon and I can post it.

Sara and Stephen have an open house tomorrow we will be going to. Then they are leaving on a honeymoon cruise. Fun!

Jono seems to still be doing pretty well. He feels a bit feverish today though he doesn't actually have a fever. He is just warmer than normal. My boy worries me. He is breathing okay, though. Thank goodness.

Grandma and Grandpa got more flowers today and were working on the garden again. Compared to last year at this time Grandpa seems to have a lot more stamina and he's able to do a lot more with his arms. He is still in a lot of pain with his right arm but he is doing so much better. I'm just amazed at his progress. He does however, have a tendency to overwork Grandma. (Take a breather Grandma!)

Well, have a nice weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Momma's!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm so, so sorry to have taken such a long break. The last month was kind of a nightmare a bit challenging. Let's see, what is that saying . . . oh yes, "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Lol! Well, I guess it hasn't been that bad but I'm sure glad the last few weeks are over!

I am also happy to report that Jonathon is breathing normally again. He still has to have additional medicine and breathing treatments for the next few weeks but at least we are back to level ground. The doctor gave me orders that he cannot go to nursery on Sundays with the other kids or to any playlands at restaurants. He just doesn't have a strong enough immune system to fight off the germs. (Which I have to say is confusing because he seems to be able to drink out of the dogs bowl and stay healthy without any problem at all! ICK!! GROSS! DOUBLE ICK!!) I know, you're retching now, aren't you?! Me too! Can't tell you how many times I've wrestled the dog bowl away from him. (He likes the dry food the best.) Boys! What are you gonna do?!

Grandma and Grandpa could be found outside the last couple of days in the sunshine working on the flower garden! Yay for the sunshine! It's so nice to have some warmth and light back. Seems like it only shows up for a few days at a time but this time it's actually been warm enough to go outside and stay out in it for a bit. I even let my little ones go outside and blow bubbles. They were in Heaven!

Grandpa has started to mention that he might have his other shoulder done in September. We hope he will because it is causing him a lot of pain. His knee and the shoulder he already had done have sure done well. They are stiffer than he would like but some of that is the Parkinsons. The surgeries did a lot to relieve pain, though.

Well, guess I had better get myself in bed. Lots to do tomorrow. Be sure to remember your Mom this weekend. More later.