Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This week is Spring Break for the kids. We were looking forward to picnics in the park and lots of play dates but it has been raining or snowing or just plain freezing cold most of the week so far. We are pinning our hopes on Friday when the temperature is supposed to rise to 51 or 52 and be sunny! I think we will believe it is warm given what the rest of the week has thrown us!

Oh, Grandma reminded me of a funny experience she had with Jonathon the other day. He is one of those kids who has to have dip with everything. He has always been that way--even things most people wouldn't dip in anything he does. He used to only like ranch dip and would put it on everything. He has since branched out and will eat blue cheese, onion dip and almost anything with flavor. He had some chips and was looking for dip but we didn't have any in the house so Grandma told him she would make him some. She took some sour cream and onion soup mix and made him some dip. He was chomping away on it and enjoying it until I came in and mentioned I didn't know we had any onion dip. She explained to me that she'd made it and how she'd done it--in front of Jonathon. Well, that was the end of that! He wasn't going to eat something that had soup in it! He wanted real dip! Hahaha! Silly boy!

 Everybody is doing pretty well here this week.  I think we are all kind of tired and still have some cough/cold-ish issues hanging on but other than that we are doing better. We are SO ready for Spring!!

Shopping with my cuties

Hanging out in the aisle while mom looks

Friday, March 25, 2016


I promised to post some pictures from Carly's Baptism. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many. I took some just before and then got caught up in making sure everything got done and never got back to my camera. I wish I'd stayed more in the moment so I had more memories. I don't have any of her with Grandma and Grandpa and I'm pretty bummed about that. But here are some of what I do have!

Who is that I see looking back at me?
Miss Carly
Carly and Daddy
Big Sister Sara who came all the way from Portland
Momma and Carly 

Jules and Carly
Carly with her friend Mitaya
Our beautiful Carly


I can't believe it's almost Easter again. This year has flown by. I was thinking about my childhood memories of Easter tonight and I have such happy, sweet memories from our Easters. They always involved our family and by that I mean extended family getting together at my Grandma and Grandpa Flint's house. There was always lots of yummy food and we'd have a big Easter Egg hunt with actual dyed eggs from Grandma's chickens! Then we'd play croquet or go exploring or just hang out together as cousins. That's pretty much how all of our holidays went--we enjoyed being together so much and I don't think any of us could have imagined being anywhere else.

Times have sure changed and everyone is so busy and so involved in their own world they don't really stop to enjoy each other anymore. It makes me kind of sad. I think they are missing so much of what is really important in life.

Here's to an Easter not only filled with the love and hope of our Savior~but with family, friends and loved ones surrounding you!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Grandpa is doing much better. Thanks for all the prayers. He is up and around again. This muck that is going around is not friendly at all. It tends to hang on so we are happy he is doing so much better.
Grandma seems to be a lot better too. It's even getting warmer here. So, hopefully Spring will arrive with it's actual calendar date! That would be nice!

Saturday, March 12, 2016


In a couple of days I will (hopefully) post some pictures of the past few weeks (Carly's baptism, Sara's baby shower --at least the photo's I got.) I was a little harried that day but I pulled off a few photos.

                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

But tonight I am worried about my Dad. He's been sick for the last few days and could use your prayers. Last night he had a pretty high fever and then around midnight it broke and he seemed better. Even still this morning he seemed better but through the day he started going down hill again. It started with a cold, virus type thing. He's been coughing pretty bad too which is just hard for him. To be fair mom was sick the whole last week too, but she recovers so much easier than Dad does. He just has no constitution at all anymore.

It's so hard to see your big, strong daddy struggle. I was thinking tonight that in many ways for my Dad his whole life has been a struggle. But you know, for many years, as his daughter I didn't know that. To me, he was just my Dad. He was my always my Big. Strong. Dad. Now, as a grown up and having heard many of his life stories over my lifetime, I know how hard he worked for everything he ever attained. Nothing ever came easy or fell into his lap.

Having what I believe was the first case of Polio in Indiana at 18 months of age left him with a diagnosis of never being able to walk again. Though in the end, he of course did much more than just walk--it left him with the challenge and struggle to attain normalcy with one leg and foot left somewhat impaired from the disease. But with his grandfather's help and his father's refusal to allow him to be  treated as handicapped, my dad would would be able to do the things other kids could do. He might have to do them a little differently but he would figure out a way to do them.

I don't really know how people saw my Dad as he was growing up. I'm sure it was tough to sometimes be the kid who was a little different. My kids know something about that now. No matter how my father was seen by others or his peers or even by himself-- I want him to know one very important thing. All I, as his child, have ever seen him as--is whole and normal and perfect. No different than anyone else's father--except maybe I got the better deal!

Interestingly--my dad has always had a limp. But my sisters and I have rarely ever noticed it. Once in awhile someone would ask one of us about it and that would remind us. Other than that--it's not something we ever paid any attention to.

I guess I just wanted to say I have a really remarkable father. He got dealt a pretty tough hand early in his life. And now, toward the end, he got handed Post-Polio and Parkinson's. He took the hand he was dealt and he played it as a full-house. I believe my Dad is the good, honorable, amazing man he is today because he took the hard knocks and got back up and continued forward everyday and did his absolute best.

We don't always understand why we have the life tests we do but I believe there is always a reason. I guess we only have to think of good old "George Bailey" and "It's A Wonderful Life" to realize our lives really do have meaning and purpose and we are growing and becoming through all of life's tests and challenges. Thanks so much for the example Dad! I know it hasn't been easy--but it will have been worth it. I know. I love you!


p.s. Remember we could use your prayers. Thanks!