Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This week is Spring Break for the kids. We were looking forward to picnics in the park and lots of play dates but it has been raining or snowing or just plain freezing cold most of the week so far. We are pinning our hopes on Friday when the temperature is supposed to rise to 51 or 52 and be sunny! I think we will believe it is warm given what the rest of the week has thrown us!

Oh, Grandma reminded me of a funny experience she had with Jonathon the other day. He is one of those kids who has to have dip with everything. He has always been that way--even things most people wouldn't dip in anything he does. He used to only like ranch dip and would put it on everything. He has since branched out and will eat blue cheese, onion dip and almost anything with flavor. He had some chips and was looking for dip but we didn't have any in the house so Grandma told him she would make him some. She took some sour cream and onion soup mix and made him some dip. He was chomping away on it and enjoying it until I came in and mentioned I didn't know we had any onion dip. She explained to me that she'd made it and how she'd done it--in front of Jonathon. Well, that was the end of that! He wasn't going to eat something that had soup in it! He wanted real dip! Hahaha! Silly boy!

 Everybody is doing pretty well here this week.  I think we are all kind of tired and still have some cough/cold-ish issues hanging on but other than that we are doing better. We are SO ready for Spring!!

Shopping with my cuties

Hanging out in the aisle while mom looks

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