Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today was just a normal day. Carly had school. I let Jono have a friend over. Grandma did some gardening. Grandpa did some paperwork. I did a little bit of shopping and I actually got some organizing done in my bedroom. I also got some laundry done as well.

Tonight we had back to school night at Carly's school and got to meet her teacher. I met her briefly when I took Carly the first day but we got to know a little more about her and see her personality. It was fun. We took the kids out for a taco afterwards and then came home and got them in bed. Now if we could only get ourselves there. We seem to never get to sleep before midnight! Guess that is my cue to sign off! Night all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Carly's first and second day of school went really well. She only has 2 kids in her class from last year so she is making lots of new friends. Jono had a playdate today with his friend Ellie. I had to take him there. He was so funny. He wouldn't let me get in the car or out of it until he opened the door for me. He's been watching his daddy and I guess he wants to be just like him. I love it! I am grateful my husband is such a gentleman and that Jono wants to be a gentleman too.

My sister Susan came up with her girls yesterday and helped Dad organize his paperwork. Dad had a neurologist appointment later in the afternoon. The neurologist thinks the weakness he's been experiencing in his one leg may be due to Post Polio Syndrome which is kind of what we've been thinking.

Carly had afternoon Kindergarten last year so this getting up really early to get her ready for school is a new thing and I can't say I love it. But then neither does she! Everyday when I go in to wake her up she tells me it is too early and she needs to sleep a little more. Lol! And that from my early riser! She is usually the first one up in the house! Not anymore! Hahaha!

It's been a rainy week so far and I can feel the weather starting to change. It's cooler and I think we may be shifting into Fall already. It seems a little early for it to start cooling down but it will be a nice change. It's been a really hot summer. Well, that's all I know for now. More later.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Yep, that's me--head slacker. Actually, I just haven't been finding enough hours in my day to get everything done and often my blog has been the one to suffer.
Been getting kids ready for their first days of school and preschool. Seems like I've been doing another million or so things besides that as well. Anyway, it's that time! Carly's first day is finally here. She has been acting really nonchalant about it--that is until I put her to bed tonight. When I went to her room to help her pick out an outfit for morning before tucking her in tonight she was bouncing off the walls. That is the first real sign I've seen from her that she's excited and happy to be going back to school. It made me laugh.

Jono doesn't go back to pre-school until after Labor Day. He is a bit sad that he has to wait another week but I'm sure he and I can find some kind of trouble to get into in the mean time.

Julie and Megan were both here this week to celebrate birthdays. Rob's was Thursday and Jono's was today. We've had way too much sugar this week--that's for sure!

Grandma and Grandpa are doing good. Susan and her girls came up this past week to help them with some paperwork and organizing. I think they are planning to come back this week to help also.

We had a surprise birthday party yesterday for Jono. It was so funny. When his friends jumped out to surprise him, he went speechless. Hilarious reaction for the child we can never get to be quiet. Lol! It went on for ten minutes. He literally couldn't or wouldn't talk. We floored him! Hahaha! It was too funny. I said, "If I'd known this was all it took to get him to quiet down, I'd have done this a lot sooner and a lot more often! Ha!

Mama~ Overjoyed with her boy!

Happy Birthday Bubby! I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, August 11, 2014


Rob was supposed to go on his first Father-Son camp out with Jono this past weekend. It was a church one and Rob's been planning to go since before Jono was born--in his head anyway. Lol. Anyway, his plans fell apart and it didn't happen. He was so disappointed and so was Jonathon. Oh and so was Carly because we were going to have a Mommy-Daughter weekend while they were gone. So,we all found a way to make lemonade out of our lemons.

Rob set up a tent in the back yard last night and we had a campfire by the creek. We made tin foil dinners and roasted marshmallows. Then Carly and I came in and got into jammies and cuddled in Mommy and Daddy's bed and watched a movie together before we went to sleep. Jono and Daddy played games and watched a movie downstairs and then went camping in the tent.

This morning, Daddy and Jono got up and went to get breakfast and then went fishing. It took going to two different spots but finally Jono caught 2 fish. They were small and he had to throw them back but he loved it!

Carly and I went to a friend's garage sale, then we went and grabbed some lunch for a picnic in the park. We had our picnic and then went to the other side of the park to feed the ducks. There were hundreds of ducks and they all wanted the bread we brought. They were loud and some of them followed us. So we had to throw bread to them to sidetrack them. They were funny ducks.

After we fed the ducks we came home and re-grouped and then headed over the the amusement park. I let Carly get her face painted. She was so excited. I never do that because it's kind of expensive but I splurged today. I figured we were making happy memories.

Carly with her Dragonfly
My pink and purple painted happy camper!

 It was a really hot day. So, when we were done-we went and got some cold drinks and went home to cool off. Then, I taught Carly how to make pancakes and we made breakfast for everyone for dinner. Did that make sense? Lol! Well, that was our fun! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I watched my friend Robin's little girl this week for a couple of days while she had to be away. Our kids have grown up together almost as close as siblings. Almost. I have to qualify that because Jono and her daughter, Ellie decided about the time they learned to talk that they were going to marry each other. Lol. They pretty much stick to that story, too except when they get cranky with each other--which lately seems all too frequently. They are both at that "turning or turned five" and "know it all" stage. Oh Yay! 

Well anyway, all the kids were busy playing and I happened to walk into the living room only to find a wedding fully in progress. Carly was in full wedding director/minister mode and Jono and Ellie were happily playing the bride and groom. They had stuffed animals and dolls as either their guests or children, maybe both. I got there just as they were saying their "I do's" and luckily in time to hear Carly say "You can now kiss her--." She looked at me and then added: "On the cheek." I quickly and loudly concurred--"Yes, on the cheek." To which, Ellie said, "So we can kiss but on the cheek? OK, Jono, on the cheek." My boy says, "OK" then proceeds to kiss her on the lips. Yep, people--I've got me a handful when this kid is a teenager and really finds out he likes girls! YeGads! BOYS! Whatcha gonna do with them?!

I managed to get this cute photo by telling them they couldn't have a wedding without a wedding photographer. They totally bought it--and loved posing. Lol!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Grandpa is doing so much better! He was up and at his desk working today. The antibiotics they gave him worked really fast and he's doing great! He's able to walk and seems so much stronger. I can't believe the difference a day makes. Yippee!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Grandpa's been pretty sick for a few days. His cellulitis kicked back into high gear and he started running a high fever on Sunday night and early Monday. He has sore that keeps breaking open and we are pretty sure that's the source of the infection that keeps causing his cellulitis to flare up. The wound doctor gave him a huge shot of antibiotics yesterday and again today and sent him home with some meds also. Grandpa is doing much better today--thank goodness. He was pretty weak yesterday but is in much better shape today. We are really grateful for modern medicine and the power of prayer. Lots of prayers were getting said on his behalf, too--so we know that helped also. Hopefully, we are done with this--but I will keep you posted!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Rob and I are extraordinarily bad gardeners so this year we killed everything in our garden spot on purpose and decided to let it sit empty for a year and rest. In essence, we are giving ourselves a time-out and our garden spot a well-deserved rest! Lol.

The good news is that we have four raspberry bushes we've planted over the last few years and they are still alive. A couple of them are even really strong and have berries on them! We aren't going to have buckets of fruit this year but I am so impressed that we have real, live berries I want to show them off! The one I took the picture of is the sturdiest one. I went out to pick the red raspberries off of it and just before I did I noticed some wonderfully plump blackberries toward the bottom. We have planted both types and I'd forgotten which bush this was! Good thing I saw those or I'd have picked these before they ripened! The black ones were delicious!
Blackberries masquerading as red raspberries! Almost fooled me!

Grandma planted our tomatoes this year. She did one of those hanging baskets. She thought she had regular size tomatoes but they ended up being cherry ones and we found the first ripe one yesterday also! So, it was harvest time all over! The kids loved it!

One Lonely Ripe Tomato

A Lovely Weedless Garden~Just My Speed!