Saturday, August 2, 2014


Rob and I are extraordinarily bad gardeners so this year we killed everything in our garden spot on purpose and decided to let it sit empty for a year and rest. In essence, we are giving ourselves a time-out and our garden spot a well-deserved rest! Lol.

The good news is that we have four raspberry bushes we've planted over the last few years and they are still alive. A couple of them are even really strong and have berries on them! We aren't going to have buckets of fruit this year but I am so impressed that we have real, live berries I want to show them off! The one I took the picture of is the sturdiest one. I went out to pick the red raspberries off of it and just before I did I noticed some wonderfully plump blackberries toward the bottom. We have planted both types and I'd forgotten which bush this was! Good thing I saw those or I'd have picked these before they ripened! The black ones were delicious!
Blackberries masquerading as red raspberries! Almost fooled me!

Grandma planted our tomatoes this year. She did one of those hanging baskets. She thought she had regular size tomatoes but they ended up being cherry ones and we found the first ripe one yesterday also! So, it was harvest time all over! The kids loved it!

One Lonely Ripe Tomato

A Lovely Weedless Garden~Just My Speed!

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