Saturday, August 9, 2014


I watched my friend Robin's little girl this week for a couple of days while she had to be away. Our kids have grown up together almost as close as siblings. Almost. I have to qualify that because Jono and her daughter, Ellie decided about the time they learned to talk that they were going to marry each other. Lol. They pretty much stick to that story, too except when they get cranky with each other--which lately seems all too frequently. They are both at that "turning or turned five" and "know it all" stage. Oh Yay! 

Well anyway, all the kids were busy playing and I happened to walk into the living room only to find a wedding fully in progress. Carly was in full wedding director/minister mode and Jono and Ellie were happily playing the bride and groom. They had stuffed animals and dolls as either their guests or children, maybe both. I got there just as they were saying their "I do's" and luckily in time to hear Carly say "You can now kiss her--." She looked at me and then added: "On the cheek." I quickly and loudly concurred--"Yes, on the cheek." To which, Ellie said, "So we can kiss but on the cheek? OK, Jono, on the cheek." My boy says, "OK" then proceeds to kiss her on the lips. Yep, people--I've got me a handful when this kid is a teenager and really finds out he likes girls! YeGads! BOYS! Whatcha gonna do with them?!

I managed to get this cute photo by telling them they couldn't have a wedding without a wedding photographer. They totally bought it--and loved posing. Lol!

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