Wednesday, July 30, 2014


   It's been a busy and frankly exhausting couple of weeks. Since housing sales have been up in this area our neighborhood has started to feel a bit nomadic. Seems like there are "For Sale" signs everywhere and while that is good for the local economy it can be hard on the heart-strings. The past two weekends Rob and I have spent our Saturdays helping friends move.
   One of the friends we helped was one of the first and best friends I made here. She and her family moved to the next town over so one of their kids could get into a school program he needs. Her youngest kids have been my kids best friends and so the move has been especially tough on Carly and Jono. Their best friends are no longer right around the corner.
   We've had a couple of play dates at their new home but their kids are so excited about their new friends in their new neighborhood that they haven't wanted to do much with their old ones. My little ones have a hard time understanding that and it hurts their feelings. It will take some time. Hopefully, there will be some new kids moving into our neighborhood soon and they can make new friends. And hey, it's only a couple of weeks until school starts and that will bring new friends too. Oh the pains of childhood. Wish I could make them all better.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Well, it's been awhile again. Grandpa has been pretty weak this last while. He's healthy enough I think. Just tiring out really quickly. He did alright having his tooth pulled but I think it wore him out and he wasn't able to eat anything solid for a few days after so that probably only added to tiredness and weakness.

    Grandma finally got a diagnosis on what's been going on with her foot. She has Tarsal Tunnel syndrome. Who knew there even was such a thing? I mean, besides doctors. Lol. They are having her do a few things in hopes to avoid surgery on it and so far so good.

     Took the kids to a water park with a friend yesterday and managed to get myself a nice burn on my back. I was so busy sun-screening everyone else I guess I missed some places on me. I really thought I got my back too but I guess that's why you always want someone else to have your back. Lol! Ouch!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Grandpa had some oral surgery today. He had to have a back tooth pulled. Luckily it was in a spot where it won't be missed. He did great! He was a little weak after the surgery but he is doing fine. Poor guy, the dentist won't let him have anything but ice cream and pudding and the like for 48 hours. What a life! Jono would be in Heaven! Just add Cheetos to that and he'd think it was perfection personified! Lol!

I am a little surprised the kids didn't ask to see his tooth or remind him to put it under his pillow so the tooth fairy would visit him. I am sure they will think of  it in the morning. They were a little pre-occupied with playing today. I guess I have all night to come up with some funny line for what the tooth fairy does if you forget to put your tooth under the first night.  . . . Or why the tooth fairy won't accept a tooth the dentist pulls--or even better--why the tooth fairy won't take a tooth that's been chewed on for more than 50 years! Lol! Like I said I've got all night . . . me and insomnia that is. Hahaha!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Rob and I are offically wiped out. This morning we went to spend a couple of hours helping some friends move and ended up spending more like 6 1/2
hours helping them move. That wouldn't have been so bad except the temperature outside read 97 degrees and since they had the doors wide open on both houses they turned the air conditioning off to the houses. Needless to say it was one long, hot, exhausting day! 

We came home laid in bed and watched a movie. We were so hot neither of us even ate dinner, though, don't worry, we did feed the kids.

I'd forgotten how awful moving a whole home is. Remind me why people do it when they have a choice? I know there are times when people don't have a choice. But when someone has a perfectly good home and just decides one day they want to lug thousands of pounds of belongings between two different buildings--sometimes many, many miles apart--why would anyone in their right mind do that? Yah--"right mind" -- that's the key. See what I'm saying? Lol! That's my point.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It ended up taking us several days to get Jono's over his vomiting but it had a weirdness factor to it. It only happened at night. So strange. We never did figure out what was making him sick either because we were all eating the same things. Oh well, we are just hoping we are completely done with it. No fun for anyone!

Grandma has a doctor appointment in the morning to checkout some pain and neuropathy she's been having in her feet. Hopefully, they can figure out what's going on and get her some relief.

Grandma and Grandpa got out for a little while yesterday since Grandpa had a dentist appointment. Grandpa's legs haven't been cooperating very well the last little while so they didn't wander very far beyond the dentist office. He is walking but his legs tire out really quickly.

It has been so hot here this past couple of weeks. We actually hit 101 degrees two days ago and it's been near 100 the last couple of days.

Sally and Seth--Grandpa's sister and brother-in-law-should be back through here tomorrow evening. They fly home on Thursday morning. They have been sightseeing through-out Utah and Arizona for the last couple weeks. They are going to stop in one last time before they fly home. It will be nice to see them one last time before they head for home.

Well, not much else to tell. Night all.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Saturday night out of no where Jonathon started throwing up! He wasn't running a fever or feeling sick before that. Once he started though, he couldn't stop for a couple of hours. I finally remembered we had some medicine from a previous vomiting illness, so I gave him some of that. Within a short time he not only stopped throwing up, he fell sound asleep. I felt so bad for him I was so glad we had something that helped and gave him a break. I expected to be up in the night with him again but I wasn't. I woke up to a bright eyed, cheery and very hungry boy today. I still kept him home from church as a precaution.

He did great all day. No sign of illness and then around 8 p.m. again, out of no where he suddenly starts throwing up again. Gah! I think he's allergic to evenings! Back to the meds and to bed little one! Poor little guy!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Grandma just told me the cutest story. She said Jono was downstairs this morning sitting between her and Grandpa on their bed--his favorite place to be. While he was sitting there he said, "Sometimes, I lay on Grandpa because I love him so much! I will never stop liking him!" Isn't that adorable.

Grandpa with his brand new Grandson and namesake
Have you ever seen so much trouble in one place?

I love my Grandpa! He's the best!
Give me a kiss Grandpa! I need some sugar!
Just hanging out with my best bud! Careful on the turn Grandpa--don't lose me!
Good thing this boy has such an adorable side since he's in the frustrating fours right now! Hahaha!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Today my dad turned three quarters of a century old. Now that's a milestone, to say the least. Wow. We celebrated his birthday yesterday on the 4th of July like we always have and let it spill over a bit on today. His sister Sally and her husband flew out to spend his birthday with him. They are continuing on a 2 week vacation through the west now. My sister Sarah and her daughter Caitlin came. Susan wasn't feeling well so she didn't make it. But two of my older daughter's came and we Carly and Jono were here. And the day before another one of my girl's and her husband were here. We've had quite a few people around to help celebrate.

My dad is one of the most decent, humble and kind men I know. He is generous to a fault. You can ask anyone and they will vouch for that. He has always set an example of hard work, honesty, doing what is right, following through on a promise made, having integrity and honor and being a good person. I love my dad with all my heart and I feel so blessed and proud to be his daughter. He is such a good man and I just want the whole world to know that such people do still exist. I LOVE YOU DAD! Thanks for being one of the great ones!

Grandpa with his cake

Grandpa, Sister Sally and Grandaughter Carly
My three generation photo- Grandma, me and Jules

Carly, me and Rob

The Women-folk
Megan, Carly, me, Julie, Sally and Grandma

Megan, Caitlin, Julie, Jono and Sarah

Me, Carly and Jono

Sally, Grandpa and Seth

Grandpa with his little sis, Sally

Me with my little sis, Sarah

Grandma with her namesake, Miss Carolyn Alexis (Carly)

My splitters
Carly and Megan -- stretching things out