Saturday, July 5, 2014


Today my dad turned three quarters of a century old. Now that's a milestone, to say the least. Wow. We celebrated his birthday yesterday on the 4th of July like we always have and let it spill over a bit on today. His sister Sally and her husband flew out to spend his birthday with him. They are continuing on a 2 week vacation through the west now. My sister Sarah and her daughter Caitlin came. Susan wasn't feeling well so she didn't make it. But two of my older daughter's came and we Carly and Jono were here. And the day before another one of my girl's and her husband were here. We've had quite a few people around to help celebrate.

My dad is one of the most decent, humble and kind men I know. He is generous to a fault. You can ask anyone and they will vouch for that. He has always set an example of hard work, honesty, doing what is right, following through on a promise made, having integrity and honor and being a good person. I love my dad with all my heart and I feel so blessed and proud to be his daughter. He is such a good man and I just want the whole world to know that such people do still exist. I LOVE YOU DAD! Thanks for being one of the great ones!

Grandpa with his cake

Grandpa, Sister Sally and Grandaughter Carly
My three generation photo- Grandma, me and Jules

Carly, me and Rob

The Women-folk
Megan, Carly, me, Julie, Sally and Grandma

Megan, Caitlin, Julie, Jono and Sarah

Me, Carly and Jono

Sally, Grandpa and Seth

Grandpa with his little sis, Sally

Me with my little sis, Sarah

Grandma with her namesake, Miss Carolyn Alexis (Carly)

My splitters
Carly and Megan -- stretching things out

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