Thursday, January 14, 2016


It's been a busy, kind of frustrating week. Rob had an accident while taking Carly to school Tuesday. Everyone was OK--but there was quite a bit of damage to the cars. We are focusing on the "everyone is OK" part, though and are very grateful for that.

We had our first bit of snow in a few weeks today. It was pretty light and we cleared it easily in about a half an hour. Jono did the front sidewalk all by himself. He is becoming such a little gentleman and a hard worker (when he wants to be.) He even went out and started without me. I was pretty proud of him.

I have been prepping since yesterday for a colonoscopy I'm having in the morning. If you've ever had one, you know how much fun the prep is! Hint: It's NOT! Anyway, I haven't been able to eat anything solid since Wednesday night. I told the kids yesterday I was having a procedure on Friday and wouldn't be able to eat for a couple days. So after school today Carly asked me for more details. I gave them to her and didn't pull any punches. I told her exactly what a colonoscopy was. She was no't impressed.

Of course, she moved right on to the next question which is always the same. "Mom, can I have friends over?" I told her again what I was prepping for and exactly why that would make me uncomfortable tonight. She then gave me the youth version of "TMI or too much information". "Mom! That's a terrible explanation! Stop! Don't say that again! You need to go back to explaining school!" Hahaha! I guess she doesn't like getting the straight poop! Next time I'll generalize! Lesson learned! Lol!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Jono was pretty funny on Christmas morning. He never gets up early but Christmas is different. He made an extra effort. His sister Julie heard him get up and then he caught her eye and had this "Ugh" kind of look--like it's too early for anyone to be up! Then he must have remembered what day it was because he looked and saw all the presents and got a look of delight on his face. He ran toward the presents and Carly helped him find his stocking. As he looked in it he let out a great big sigh of relief and said, "Oh good! No coal!" Lol! I guess some little boy had reason to fear--don't ya know! Hahaha!