Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Earlier tonight Rob and I were discussing the non-alcoholic bubbly we were going to drink at midnight--that is if we made it that long. We both like the same kind--it's called Pink Sparkling Catawba. I had just come from the store and told him they didn't have any left, so he went downstairs and was able to find an unopened bottle from last year. He brought it upstairs and said something smart-alek like, "Boy, you wouldn't even know this stuff existed if I hadn't introduced you to it." I said, "That's not true, I've been drinking this since I was a little kid. My parents used to get it for us."

Never mind that we've had this conversation before and can't seem to remember it. They say memory is the first thing to go, you know. But, I digress. Rob and I are still talking about the bubbly when Jonathon stops us in our tracks. All of the sudden, we hear him pretty loudly and with an incredulous tone say "MOMMY, YOU WERE A LITTLE KID?!

Oh my goodness, this kid doesn't miss a trick! I thought I'd bust a gut. Goodnight Gracie. Lol.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


It's been a really busy week. As I said, our Christmas was so nice--we really did have a good time with each other. First, we had everyone up for Grandma's birthday and then, on Christmas day we celebrated with our family and Grandma and Grandpa.

Then, on the 28th our niece got married. She had a family dinner the night before and then we were involved all day and evening the day of her wedding (attending) and helping. The wedding and reception were lovely, unfortunately Rob was really sick both days with a really bad cold/virus but was a real trooper and made it through all the events.

On the morning of the second day, I started getting sick but when we got home after everything was over and were getting the kids ready for bed I found that Jonathon was really warm. When I took his temperature it was over 103. Then I took mine and it was 101.5. Rob's was about 100 degrees. Plus, we were all coughing and achy. On top of that, I had one of the worst migraines I'd had in a long, long time. The migraine lasted all night long and into the morning. No matter what I took I couldn't get rid of it. Suffice it to say it was an icky illness to have. Jono hung onto his fever most of the day today but thankfully, by this evening our fevers were gone, and our coughs are better. Luckily, Carly never had anything but a mild cough and I sure hope it stays that way.

Grandma got sick yesterday, too. She was coughing and not feeling well -- even last night she was still feeling poorly. But this morning she was doing much better. We are hoping Grandpa and Carly can avoid the whole mess!Here's to ringing in the new year in good health! Hope you are doing well!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We had a really nice Christmas day. Although it started a wee bit too early with a little boy prying my eye lids open telling me Santa had been here! Luckily, that same little boy was content to tell me that and then climb into bed with me and cuddle a little, then fall asleep again. That was great until about a half hour later when big Sis came along with the same Santa story. She climbed in bed for a cuddle, too but her cuddle was about two seconds long and then she wanted everyone up and at 'em! We did get up but we made everyone eat breakfast first and then we took turns opening gifts. It was a little rough on Carly and Jono but we did let them go first.

Other than Rob, Carly and Jono having colds, it's been a really good day. Everyone else is doing well. Julie came up last night and had to go back this evening. Megan came over for the day. Grandpa and Grandma are doing well. I will write more, hopefully tomorrow. We have a niece getting married on Friday, so the week is hectic, but I will try to write more this week and post a few pictures.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Yesterday (Saturday) my sisters and their families came and we celebrated Grandma's birthday (a little early.) It was so great to get everyone together. We went out to eat and then came back to the house for cake and ice cream. Grandpa has been feeling a little better so we were even able to get him out of the house!

We have about 7 or 8 inches of snow on the ground. It has been snowing for about 3 or 4 days now--and looks like we have a few more in store. Somehow, I don't think our white Christmas in any jeopardy!

Rob and I are still trying to pull Christmas together and we have a niece getting married this week. So, I apologize for not being very consistent on the blog.

Grandma with her girls

Blowing out the candles

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Last night I was helping the kids with one of their happy meal games and it had some random names from Despicable Me 2 in it. Agnes was one of the little girls names. Carly picked right up on it and said, "Agnes is a really pretty name Mommy. I really like it." "Oh," I said. "I'm glad." I was kind of shrugging the whole thing off, but Carly continued. "Mom, why didn't you name me Agnes?" I said, "Well, honey, because I love the name I gave you and Agnes really isn't one of my favorite names, but I'm glad you like it." 

Now Jonathon who had been listening intently to our conversation piped up and said (rather indignantly), "Yah Mommy! Why didn't you name me Grandpa?! I nearly burst out laughing. (Well, maybe I did actually laugh a little bit out loud.) Then I explained to him that he is actually named after both of his Grandpas, his Father and an Uncle. He is one little boy with a very BIG name! I sure love him -- and some days he is just my silly, silly boy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


We had some really close friends come by tonight to bring some Christmas goodies and they also brought their new Sheltie pup to show us. The kids were in Heaven! What an adorable puppy! She was so sweet and gentle and the kids were so cute with her! And we had such a nice visit with our friends.

Carly with Justie

Jono playing with Justie

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I think I could have stayed in bed and slept all day today but I didn't do that. Hubby, me and the kiddos went shopping, ran errands and such for most of the afternoon and early evening. It's pretty darn cold outside but we still have quite a bit to do before the holidays get here so we braved it.

Grandma and Grandpa's vehicle is acting up. We thought it was the battery the other day so they took it and had a new one put in but then it wouldn't start again yesterday so Rob and I took it back over to the shop to have it looked at. I'm guessing they will not know what's going on with it until Monday. Rob was able to start it, though, so we could drive it over.

We came home tonight and had pizza and watched Despicable Me 2 with the little ones. They love it and it's one of the animated movies I really get a kick out of. I'm not huge into animated movies. Don't know why, I'm just not. I also like The Incredibles, though.

We have our tree up and Rob has the train running around it. We put candy in the train and he stops it every night and lets the kids get some train candy. It's a "sweet" treat for them--one they will remember long into their adult lives, I think.

Well, that's been our Saturday. Nothing very exciting, but that could be good news, I guess. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Wow, I just glanced at our temperature here and it's a balmy 22 degrees! Lol! That's almost twice as warm as it's been all day and it's midnight now! It's really been quite cold here. I haven't wanted to wander outside for anything unless I've been desperate for it.

I am more than happy to stay inside and do my Christmas shopping on Amazon and let them deliver everything to my doorstep when it's this cold out. I guess what I'm really saying is I'm a bit of a whiner! Lol.

Not much going on here. The kids are having fun making cute things at school in preparation for the holidays. Carly got to wear her jammies to school today. They had a jammie party, watch a movie, got to have hot cocoa and cookies. She loved it! She is such a little social butterfly and loves having tons of friends. I love her teacher, too. She is so good with the kids and makes learning fun for them.

We are about halfway done with our Christmas shopping--gotta get moving on it or we'll be in real trouble. Well, not much else to tell. Hope you are more ready then we are! Take care!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Grandpa went to the doctor today. She is pretty sure his stomach trouble is ulcers and they will begin treatment with medication for ulcers. That's a really good outcome considering all the alternatives. Hopefully, the medication will help pretty quickly and he can feel up to eating more soon. He's gotten pretty skinny. :(

Rob and I had a date tonight. We went to a musical called The Forgotten Carols. It's a lovely Christmas Musical. We went to see it last year and loved it so much we went back again. It was really nice. We got a babysitter for the evening and really enjoyed ourselves.

It's biting cold here. It was 12 degrees when we got out of the musical. I am really glad to climb into my warm bed tonight. Well, not much else to tell. Hope you are all safe and warm. :)

Monday, December 9, 2013


We had a ton of snow here over the weekend--like 6-8 inches. But then you probably did too since half the country did. We hear there is more on its way. It's cold here, too. It was 11 degrees when I came in from shopping around 7:00 p.m. and my computer says it's 14 degrees now but I don't believe my computer because I'm freezing!

Rob was on-call all week-end and kept getting called out in the middle of the worst of the storm. I was white-knuckling it for him even if he wasn't! I hate having anyone out driving in this stuff.

Julie came up on the train in the middle of it but that seemed a bit safer. She stayed and played with the kids and helped them build a Gingerbread house. Then we made cookies and had hot cocoa together. Unfortunately, she completely missed seeing her dad as he was out on call the whole time she was home. I put her back on the train late Saturday night but he didn't get back home until early Sunday morning in the wee hours. :(

Everyone here is starting to get a little better--cold wise anyway. Mine and Jono's are clearing up. We have been able to lessen Jono's breathing treatment's a bit. I'm even letting him go back to pre-school tomorrow. Yay!
Grandpa seems a bit better, too. Although, his stomach still gets a bit queasy here and there when he eats. He does have a Dr. appt. on Wednesday, though--and he is responding to medicine for the Cellulitis.

So, the good news is we are on the mend. Hope you have good news and not a lot of snow at your house!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


You need to watch this video. On the 14th, it will have been one year since the Sandy Hook massacre. This is about one of the families who lost a little six year old girl. They are from near here. It is a very sweet tribute and shows we can overcome almost anything. (Click on the link below.)


Thursday, December 5, 2013


Both of my little kids were sick today. I kept Jono home from pre-school and Carly home from Kindergarten. Carly was coughing and sneezing. She felt OK other than that but I didn't want to send her and have her get everyone else sick. That said, I should have sent her. Lol. I was sick, too -- sore throat, coughing, sneezing, headache and had one energetic, sneezing coughing Kindergartner who thought I should entertain her all day! Seriously? Holy Cow. Lay down child--you're sick!

I found a couple of art projects for her and then I let her watch cartoons--so sue me!! Tomorrow--coughing or not, school! When Mommy doesn't feel good she does not want to entertain!

Jono didn't feel very well, either so he didn't need as much entertaining. But alas, not so much with his sister. Well, the little ones are finally in bed, so Mommy is putting herself down too. Night all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Julie came up on the train today and we celebrated her birthday. It was good to see her and spend some time. Megan came by and had cake with us. Grandpa was feeling good enough to come upstairs and have cake with all of us, too. Grandma has been taking good care of him.

It is only 15 degrees here so we are all freezing. Jono's asthma is doing okay but not going away. I am having to keep a constant watch on it. Lots of late hours with him this week but if we can get him through it, it will all be worth it. I let him go to pre-school on Tuesday but am going to keep him home tomorrow to see if we can get ahead of it.

I got my van back today! Crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers that it's GOOD and FIXED for a long while!

Oh, and my friend Shelli and her husband got to take their new baby, Gunnar, home tonight--all the papers signed! Yippee! Yay! Yahoo!!! I am soooooo happy for them!

Well, that's all the news for today! Hope you are warm where you are!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We had a close call with Jono a few nights ago. He's had a cold and ended up going into severe asthma. So, the last few nights have been long--every 3 hours he and I've been meeting for nebulizer treatments. He's even less fond of them than I am. Lol. He is finally doing better, though. I am hoping this will be the last night of the all nighters. He has had to have the treatments during the day as well but only every 4-6 hours so he is really tired of the nebulizer.

Then today Grandpa woke up with a fever and nausea again. We still aren't sure what the nausea is but the fever turned out to be his Cellulitis returning. Mom was able to get him into the doctor and get him started on some strong antibiotics. Hopefully, those will take care of it before it goes any farther.

Well, it's late and I just wanted to get a short update out on what was going on. We also got snow today! Yippee! :) (Tongue in cheek!) Hope all is well with you. Have a lovely Wednesday!



Twenty years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born named Julie Ann. I am blessed to be one of two women she calls Mom. One, she lost at the tender age of ten. The other (yours truly) is so blessed to have inherited this sweet daughter, and still feels privileged to have been able to actually adopt her and call her mine. Some days I still pinch myself to make sure it's all real.

Julie is beautiful on the inside and out and I love her more than I can even express. Happy,Happy Birthday my sweet Jules. You're growing up way too fast! STOP IT! I love you mostest! Mom

Julie, as a young girl with her Mommy, Lisa,
The one who gave birth to her and whom she inherited her beauty from.
Me and my Julie taken during her Senior Pictures.
What a joy it is to call her my daughter! I love this young woman with my whole heart!