Friday, December 13, 2013


Wow, I just glanced at our temperature here and it's a balmy 22 degrees! Lol! That's almost twice as warm as it's been all day and it's midnight now! It's really been quite cold here. I haven't wanted to wander outside for anything unless I've been desperate for it.

I am more than happy to stay inside and do my Christmas shopping on Amazon and let them deliver everything to my doorstep when it's this cold out. I guess what I'm really saying is I'm a bit of a whiner! Lol.

Not much going on here. The kids are having fun making cute things at school in preparation for the holidays. Carly got to wear her jammies to school today. They had a jammie party, watch a movie, got to have hot cocoa and cookies. She loved it! She is such a little social butterfly and loves having tons of friends. I love her teacher, too. She is so good with the kids and makes learning fun for them.

We are about halfway done with our Christmas shopping--gotta get moving on it or we'll be in real trouble. Well, not much else to tell. Hope you are more ready then we are! Take care!

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