Monday, December 9, 2013


We had a ton of snow here over the weekend--like 6-8 inches. But then you probably did too since half the country did. We hear there is more on its way. It's cold here, too. It was 11 degrees when I came in from shopping around 7:00 p.m. and my computer says it's 14 degrees now but I don't believe my computer because I'm freezing!

Rob was on-call all week-end and kept getting called out in the middle of the worst of the storm. I was white-knuckling it for him even if he wasn't! I hate having anyone out driving in this stuff.

Julie came up on the train in the middle of it but that seemed a bit safer. She stayed and played with the kids and helped them build a Gingerbread house. Then we made cookies and had hot cocoa together. Unfortunately, she completely missed seeing her dad as he was out on call the whole time she was home. I put her back on the train late Saturday night but he didn't get back home until early Sunday morning in the wee hours. :(

Everyone here is starting to get a little better--cold wise anyway. Mine and Jono's are clearing up. We have been able to lessen Jono's breathing treatment's a bit. I'm even letting him go back to pre-school tomorrow. Yay!
Grandpa seems a bit better, too. Although, his stomach still gets a bit queasy here and there when he eats. He does have a Dr. appt. on Wednesday, though--and he is responding to medicine for the Cellulitis.

So, the good news is we are on the mend. Hope you have good news and not a lot of snow at your house!

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