Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Our dog Sadie is almost ten. She has been such a sweet dog. She is good natured and has been so great with the kids. This past year, maybe a little longer it has been really noticeable that her hips have bothered her. Hip dysplasia is fairly normal for Labradors and she is part Lab. We've been giving her CoQ-10 and special hip and joint supplements and for awhile they seemed to be helping. But in the past 3 days she has gone down hill so fast. She can hardly move her back legs at all and she will just lay there and cry until one of us comes and helps her move. We've been helping her up and down steps -- but this afternoon she would not even try to tackle them at all.

I finally put a leash on her and took her out the front door which is considerably easier. It still took some lifting and assisting but we made it--only to have her just lay down and refuse to move. That is until her sister Tashie stood at the door whining to come out also. So, we put a leash on Tashie and brought her out front, too. Tashie just assumed we were going on a walk. So, she came out all excited like she does when we put her on a leash for a walk. When Sadie saw Tashie all excited she got excited, too and stood up and started walking, and she kept walking. I was kind of astounded and the kids were very excited to see that she wanted to go for a walk --so we all went. I didn't let her go far before I stopped and turned her around, though. I didn't want her to hurt herself or cause more pain for later.

I had to tell the kids this was probably our last walk with Sadie. They are really sad--and so am I. She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow evening but I am fearful of what we will find. After Rob got home later this evening, we couldn't even get her to stand up to go out again--not even after Rob carried her outside. She is in pain and it makes me so sad not to be able to stop it. I am hoping, against hope the Vet has some ideas on how to help her, short of bionic limbs. 

Our sweet Sadie on what may prove to be her last walk  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Rob and I went shooting tonight. As one of the targets, he took a gallon of water and asked the supervisor at the gun range if he could put it out with our other targets. The man said he could but wasn't sure why Rob would want to because it would be kind of embarrassing if he missed it when he shot at it. Well, Rob put it out anyway. Then, when I was getting ready to shoot Rob asked me if I wanted to take a shot at the water. I had no idea about the earlier conversation that had gone on between the two of them. So, I just aimed my shotgun and with the first shot I blew it to Smithereens. I turned around to look at Rob as I was celebrating and there stood this gun range supervisor with the oddest smirk on his face! I couldn't quite figure it out at the time but later when Rob told me the story I understood. Pretty funny, eh?! Yay me! Lol!

Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been a good news sort of day today. Sarah and Rich got their new house. Now they just need to sell their other home. We'd appreciate prayers for them to be able to do so quickly so they can have their whole family together again. We are all very excited for their move. We are going to love having them this close!

The other good news we got today is that Jono got accepted into the Peanut trial. His allergy doctor is doing this life-saving and life-altering work with all kinds of food allergies. Jono has been on a 3-6 month waiting list to get into it. He finally got in and will begin mid-August. Anyway--his doctor is literally curing food allergies--serious ones like peanut, tree nut, egg, wheat, milk and other deadly allergies. It is amazing!

I have been so nervous to send him off to school where I cannot protect him and now he will hopefully be safe and cured soon so I won't have to worry. What a miracle!

Took the kids to swimming lessons today--Jono's first go around, Carly's second. It was kind of a trip--so to speak but I will have to write more about it later as Rob is ready for bed. Take care, night all.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


My sister Sarah and her husband Rich were house hunting this weekend and found one they love a little over an hour from here. They still need to sell their home in Idaho but have now put it in the hands of a realtor so hopefully that will happen can happen soon. They put an offer on this new home and should hear back tomorrow. We are all excited to have them so close again!

It's been a short weekend. The kids have colds and have been coughing up a storm, especially Carly. Rob hasn't felt well the whole weekend and this morning I woke up with a migraine.

We have a single mom and her two year old daughter staying with us for a little while. She was supposed to be moving into some government assisted housing and her approval got mixed up so she had to be out of her last place before she was approved and now she has to wait for the next apartment to come available. So, we have a lively place right now.

Grandpa and Grandma are doing fine. Not much new going on with them. Grandpa was working on Alumni stuff today and Grandma was helping him.

Carly and Jono start private swim lessons tomorrow. They are supposed to be a lot better than the public ones. My friend has had her children in them and said that with just two weeks of them they came out knowing how to save themselves if they fell in deep water. That's what sold me on them. I've had Carly in lessons before but not Jonathon and never felt like she got much out of them. So, I'm hopeful they will really learn something from them.

Well, that's about it for now. Night all. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Today is Grandpa's birthday! The whole family is coming to celebrate! We are having a big feast and are excited to all get together. Pictures to come! Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!