Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been a good news sort of day today. Sarah and Rich got their new house. Now they just need to sell their other home. We'd appreciate prayers for them to be able to do so quickly so they can have their whole family together again. We are all very excited for their move. We are going to love having them this close!

The other good news we got today is that Jono got accepted into the Peanut trial. His allergy doctor is doing this life-saving and life-altering work with all kinds of food allergies. Jono has been on a 3-6 month waiting list to get into it. He finally got in and will begin mid-August. Anyway--his doctor is literally curing food allergies--serious ones like peanut, tree nut, egg, wheat, milk and other deadly allergies. It is amazing!

I have been so nervous to send him off to school where I cannot protect him and now he will hopefully be safe and cured soon so I won't have to worry. What a miracle!

Took the kids to swimming lessons today--Jono's first go around, Carly's second. It was kind of a trip--so to speak but I will have to write more about it later as Rob is ready for bed. Take care, night all.

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