Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Today I got to spend time with my Julie. She came home because she had a meeting in town but it was only an hour long so we spent the rest of the day together. It was great to just hang out and talk (though we did have to do it over the volume of the munchkins!) They were also delighted to see their big sister.

Rob had been gone overnight and got home just in time to spend the last couple of hours with her before she had to head back on the train. We decided to order out for some chicken wings and watch the Croods together.

We got 9 inches of snow yesterday. It started snowing the night before and just didn't stop I couldn't believe it. I had to hire some neighbor kids to come and do the driveway since Rob was gone and since I am dealing with a bit of tendonitis. It took the kids nearly all day to do our driveway, sidewalk and steps--and Carly even got out and helped them. She is such a little champ!

I sure hope that is the largest dump of snow we have all winter. I am all for snow--but just in teenier groupings. It is very windy right now though. The winds got as high as 78 mph today and they knocked over a semi on the freeway near us. I don't think anyone was badly hurt but it was definitely scary. It has also been really cold. It is 3 degrees right now but with the windchill factor it feels like -24 degrees. I don't know about you but there ain't nothin' I gotta do outside when it's that cold! Lol! Stay warm people!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


We had a nice visit with our daughter Sara and son-in-law Stephen tonight. They came late afternoon today and stayed for several hours. They are in Portland finishing schooling but have been at Stephen's parents in Southern Utah for the holidays. It was so great to see them and get a chance to catch up. Grandpa even came upstairs for the occasion which is saying something!

Sara and Stephen

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We had an EPIC fail Christmas morning when it came to electronics! Rob got the video camera all set up for gift opening and went to get a blank tape and realized we didn't have one. I said, "No problem I will tape it on my phone." I got maybe three minutes in when my phone gave me the signal that it was completely full and I'd have to start deleting old pictures if I wanted to tape more or take any new pictures! Gah! I then thought I'd go get the regular camera and found the battery wasn't charged and the charger was nowhere to be found! So, any photos I am eventually able to post here will be thanks to my daughter Megan who (bless her heart) had a working camera on her phone!

Well, none of that stopped us from having a lovely Christmas with our family. Grandma and Grandpa and our little ones and two of our older daughters were able to be with us. We had a great dinner made almost completely by Grandma who cooked her guts out! She made a yummy ham and lots of fixins!

We celebrated Grandma's birthday the Saturday before with all the kids and their families here. Everyone went out to eat and then came back to the house for cake and ice cream and opening gifts. It was fun to have everyone together.

Grandpa has been struggling more lately getting around. His legs aren't working as well and he is having to use a wheelchair more to get around. He is still able to walk a little but his legs have gotten quite a bit weaker and he doesn't always know if they are going to work for him or not. Thankfully, he has a chair lift in the house and we are able to get him most of the way in and out either by wheelchair or chair lift when he needs to go somewhere.

We spent the week before Christmas looking for a new car. Rob has really been wanting to find something with towing capacity. He has been wanting to get a trailer for a long time but we haven't had anything that could tow a trailer. So, since our van was on it's last legs anyway--I finally agreed it was time to look. It took us several days and lots of looking but we found ourselves a Nissan Armada. It isn't brand new but it is still new to us. :) And, I like it. The one problem -- it is bigger than my last vehicle so I am going to have to practice parking it in small parking spaces--well, small to it. Lol.

Well, I hope your Christmas was both Merry and Bright! I will work on finding some pictures I can put up! Take care!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, I don't know how much Christmas shopping you have done but I'd say we are about halfway there. Some of it we did early and were very thoughtful about it. The rest we have saved for the last minute panic mode. I mean really, it's no fun unless you get out there and fight your way through the malls and the Walmart crowd. Just kidding. Lol. But I did figure out that I save 100% on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales by just plain not participating!

Actually, we are pretty close to done. The things I have given up over the years are things like trying to get Christmas cards out and wrapping everything before 2 or 3 a.m. on Christmas morning.

We have spent more time this year teaching the kids the Christmas story each night. We spend a few minutes with them just before we have family prayer and during the last week we have made a special effort to help them understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas and what it stands for. I know they will always be excited by the sights and sounds of Christmas. I just want them to always remember our Savior, Jesus Christ is the biggest part of why we are celebrating.

So, anyway--we are trying not to overdue on the commercialism this year and put a lot more effort and thought into what is most important. Hope it is a wonderful season for you and yours.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


We've had a few days of people not feeling very good. Grandma was feeling ill and went to the doctor on Friday. He gave her an antibiotic she thought she'd had before and it ended up making her sicker. She spent most of the night vomiting. Grandpa has had his ups and downs.

Jono and Carly have been hacking for over a week. Megan's been sick for a few weeks. Julie hasn't been feeling very good for the last little while and Rob and me have been really headachy! There, now that I have all the moans and groans out--I feel all better.

We got a teeny weeny bit of snow here today--the fly in the wind type stuff. It melted before it hit the ground. It's been a little bit colder but it's still not too bad outside. Hope your weather is decent. Night all.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Our "Elf on the Shelf's" name is Madigan (pronounced Mad Again). Yes, I believe that may have been intentional. Lol. We pulled him out of his hiding place about a week ago and he began making his surprise visits. The first day was FABULOUS! Jonathon had not behaved that well for me since --well to be truthful, since he was a sleeping babe in arms. I didn't have to get after him once. He did everything I asked him. He was happy and didn't fight with his sister. I absolutely could have kissed that little Elf!

Madigan has shown up everyday faithfully. Some days he brings the kids a note reminding them Christmas is coming and Santa is watching. He says some nice things too. Other days he's doing some sort of action. He showed up this morning zip-lining in the dining room. Oh my! He's got so much energy! But I can't say I'm crazy about the ideas he's giving Jono! Really Madigan--zip-lining in the dining room?! C'mon man! It won't be long till I find Jono sliding zipping across some ceiling in the house! Well, I guess as long as he's minding otherwise I will just have to deal with it! Thanks Madigan for helping make things a little quieter around our house these days!

Our little friend was busy setting up his zip-line while we slept!
Madigan with a note reminding the kids both he
and Santa are watching and listening! This was one
of his first stunts! Crazy elf!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Jono wanted to go with me to run errands today and I wasn't sure he was going to get to go. He had been a little pill all morning. Finally, he straightened up enough that I let him go. We got in the van, all strapped in and ready to back out when he said:

Jono: "Mom, I am tired of sitting in your car."
Me: "Well, I can always leave you at home."
Jono: "No! I am tired of sitting in everyone's cars! I want my OWN car!

OH.MY.WORD! I almost burst out laughing. Where does my little five year old come up with thoughts like this. He couldn't begin to reach the pedals, let alone see over the steering wheel! Thank goodness! Lol!

Thankfully, I've got a few years before I really have to worry about this. Yay!

Friday, December 5, 2014


Jono wanted to make his own lunch today. It's the first time he has ever asked to do that so I figured it would be a good thing to encourage. (Did I mention he's very strong willed? Oh, and creative.) This is what he came up with. Yes, that's strawberry cream cheese on toast--and leftover candy corn from Halloween. Thankfully, he didn't offer to make me one. Though he did ask if he could have seconds. Um, that was a big negatory! No dice buddy!

Oh and I'm back on lunch duty! Once was definitely enough! At least for now. But I certainly give him points for creativity! Crazy kid!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My baby girl lost one of her front teeth tonight. Then a few minutes later she lost one of her front teeth . . . literally. We couldn't find it anywhere. She said she just set it down on the counter but it was no where to be found. After many tears and having searched everywhere we have determined the only possibility left was that one of the dogs ate it. No, we will not be attempting to retrieve it. The Tooth Fairy will just have to get over it and deliver anyway! ;o

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today, I got a happy surprise! Julie didn't think her schedule would work to be able to come home on her birthday but she was able to work it out after all. So, I picked her up at the train station late in the day and we were able to have a family dinner, birthday cake and presents together. It was a fun evening. We even got Grandpa to come upstairs! Yay! Julie was even able to stay overnight. I'm going to send her back on the train tomorrow! So nice to have her here for a bit. Megan was able to spend the evening with us too. She's not feeling very well but she came over anyway! Feel better Megs!

Here's a few pics of our evening! Carly and I were there but we are totally missing from the pictures! I was behind the camera but I'm not sure what Carly's excuse is! Hmmm. Oh well. Happy Birthday Julie!

Grandma and Julie
Jono, Grandpa and Julie

Grandpa and Jules

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Megan and Grandpa


This amazing little girl captured my heart right from the start and has never let go. She and I are so much alike that sometimes we frustrate each other but then after we're done we laugh. We hug a lot, we talk a lot and we love a lot. I cannot imagine my world without her in it. I am so blessed to call her mine. I am flabbergasted that she's turning 21. That means I've had her for almost exactly 10 years--I'm just short a few months. Wow, the time has truly flown by. I inherited Julie when she was eleven. I guess I thought she'd be a little girl for a lifetime, but that lifetime flew by before I knew it. I was looking at Carly yesterday who is just a few months short of turning 7. And I couldn't help but think she is just four years younger than when Julie was when I got her. It almost makes me feel panicky about how little time I have to teach her all I want to and to spend precious moments with her. Time is just so short.

Happy 21st Birthday to my amazing, loving, happy, positive, loyal, trustworthy, giving, wonderfully sweet  and  precocious daughter Julie. I am so proud of who you are--and I know I speak for your other Mom as well when I say that. You make us both proud Jules!

Have a wonderful Birthday Jules! Wish you could be here so we could celebrate with you. I love you so much--more than you can know.

My beautiful Julie through the years . . .