Sunday, December 14, 2014


We've had a few days of people not feeling very good. Grandma was feeling ill and went to the doctor on Friday. He gave her an antibiotic she thought she'd had before and it ended up making her sicker. She spent most of the night vomiting. Grandpa has had his ups and downs.

Jono and Carly have been hacking for over a week. Megan's been sick for a few weeks. Julie hasn't been feeling very good for the last little while and Rob and me have been really headachy! There, now that I have all the moans and groans out--I feel all better.

We got a teeny weeny bit of snow here today--the fly in the wind type stuff. It melted before it hit the ground. It's been a little bit colder but it's still not too bad outside. Hope your weather is decent. Night all.

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