Monday, August 31, 2015


I haven't explained where we are on Jono's peanut program. So, let me update you. We had two very intensive days of dosing. We spent all day both days in the doctor's facility with other kids -- most close to Jono's age. They were at varying stages of the program. One was on her very last day of the peanut allergy program. Another was at the stage where she had to eat her first actual peanut. Her mother was very emotional about it.

I hadn't thought about it until that moment. I mean, I was very nervous beginning the program--although probably not as nervous as leaving my son at school where I couldn't be there to protect him for the first time. But, I digress. :) Anyway, we spend years protecting our allergic children from these substances, making sure they understand how harmful they are to them. We tell others not to make sure not to give them to them. We make sure our kids know how to ask if the food they are going to eat has any of the forbidden element in it before they touch it. Then suddenly, here we are the ones giving it to them. This mother was the one handing her daughter the dose (the peanut) to eat and it was almost more than she could take. The great news is that her daughter had NO reaction at all to the peanut!!

In the program Jono is in, his doctor is very, very slowing giving him small amounts of peanut protein. He will build up to peanut powder and then eventually to a peanut, then to more peanuts. The day he can eat 24 peanuts without a reaction, he will graduate. He will have to stay on a maintenance dose of peanuts--8, I believe to keep his immunity up.

This doctor, who has been his doctor since the beginning is doing amazing work. He is doing this for other allergies as well. He is doing it for wheat, milk, eggs, tree nuts . . . there may be more but that is what I remember for now. He has people coming from all over the US and from several countries to try to rid themselves of these deadly allergies. What an amazing blessing that we are right here --and he has been our doctor all along.

Here is what he's doing:

Sunday, August 30, 2015


It was a long, busy week so I am just now getting a minute to post our first day of school pictures. I will try to post more soon. Love everyone!

They have really enjoyed getting back into school (Jono was pre-school). They love their teachers and are making new friends. So good to see them having fun!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I know it's often much too long between postings on here. This summer has flown by. I thought I'd have more time and it feels like I've had less but only because the kids have kept me busier than usual. They are growing up so fast! We are finishing our fourth and final week of swimming lessons this week! It's been so good though. My friend Robin talked me into setting the kids up with private swim lessons and they have learned so quickly. If they fell into water now they could not only save themselves they could swim to safely.

Rob and I went over to the school this morning to finalize a few things for the start of school. Carly is going into second grade and Jono is starting Kindergarten. Their first day is actually Jono's 6th birthday. He is so excited! We ended up moving him to the afternoon class because he just got accepted into the peanut allergy program he's been on the waiting list for and his appointments will be in the morning. We are excited and a bit trepidatious at the same time. I am grateful and excited he has this opportunity to not be allergic to peanuts anymore but a little nervous about the process as it is still so new and comes with no guarantees. All prayers on his and our behalf our very welcome. He starts on August 17th.

Grandma and Grandpa are hanging in there. Nothing major to report. All is well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I was just going to put a little update on here and noticed my last post was about Sadie and what we thought was her last walk. We went to the vet that day just sure we had no choice but to put her down. It was very sad because she has all her faculties she just couldn't move at all on her own and she's 75 lbs. Anyway, we got her to the vet and the vet spent a few minutes examining her and told us Sadie had blown both knees out. "Wait, what?" I'm not sure we knew dogs had knees! Lol. The vet said one was probably an old injury but the other one was fresh. Wow, we just had no idea. I'd been treating her stiffness like it was hip displasia. But no, she just blew our her knees. So, on to some heavy pain and anti-inflammitory meds and hope she will be good as knew soon,

She has been on them almost a week now and has made a ton of improvement. She can stand and walk and get around for the most part on her own. Stairs are still a bit hard for her but she does the best she can.

Grandpa had a check up at the dermatologist today. He is doing fairly well but getting him in and out of the house to his appointment always wears him out. He has more energy on days when he stays in and works from home--and he seems to feel better when he gets a lot accomplished! But then, don't we all!

Well, not much more for today! More later.