Monday, August 31, 2015


I haven't explained where we are on Jono's peanut program. So, let me update you. We had two very intensive days of dosing. We spent all day both days in the doctor's facility with other kids -- most close to Jono's age. They were at varying stages of the program. One was on her very last day of the peanut allergy program. Another was at the stage where she had to eat her first actual peanut. Her mother was very emotional about it.

I hadn't thought about it until that moment. I mean, I was very nervous beginning the program--although probably not as nervous as leaving my son at school where I couldn't be there to protect him for the first time. But, I digress. :) Anyway, we spend years protecting our allergic children from these substances, making sure they understand how harmful they are to them. We tell others not to make sure not to give them to them. We make sure our kids know how to ask if the food they are going to eat has any of the forbidden element in it before they touch it. Then suddenly, here we are the ones giving it to them. This mother was the one handing her daughter the dose (the peanut) to eat and it was almost more than she could take. The great news is that her daughter had NO reaction at all to the peanut!!

In the program Jono is in, his doctor is very, very slowing giving him small amounts of peanut protein. He will build up to peanut powder and then eventually to a peanut, then to more peanuts. The day he can eat 24 peanuts without a reaction, he will graduate. He will have to stay on a maintenance dose of peanuts--8, I believe to keep his immunity up.

This doctor, who has been his doctor since the beginning is doing amazing work. He is doing this for other allergies as well. He is doing it for wheat, milk, eggs, tree nuts . . . there may be more but that is what I remember for now. He has people coming from all over the US and from several countries to try to rid themselves of these deadly allergies. What an amazing blessing that we are right here --and he has been our doctor all along.

Here is what he's doing:

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Shelli Sivert said...

That's good news! Didn't know that was possible.