Saturday, September 5, 2015


Dad went for a check up with his neurologist on Friday. His doc actually thought his walking has improved. That was really good news. We will take all the mobility we can get!

Dad's brother Ed called and is coming for a visit in a few weeks. I think it will be great for them to spend some time together. He will only be here for a couple days but it will still be nice to have him here. He has never met any of my kids. We are hoping we can get most of the family together at least one day during his visit.

Carly and Jono are doing really good in school. Both of them really like their teachers. They are both making new friends and thankfully, Carly has some of her old friends in her class, too. She even had a playdate this week. I am most impressed that Jono has not had to sit on the time-out bench in his classroom even once! I was so afraid his "rambunciousness" wouldn't play well in the classroom but he seems to be respecting his teacher. She even told me "He is a really great kid!"

Rob and I are going to Payson tomorrow afternoon to help Sarah and Rich unload their moving van and start getting moved into their new home. We are so EXCITED they are going to be back here in Utah!!

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