Monday, February 28, 2011


Good news! Grandma has had bursitis in her hip for awhile now and was finally able to get a shot in it today that should make it feel better. Cross your fingers!

Julie is taking the SAT in the morning. This is her first try at it and it's supposed to be a trial run, but if they do really well on it they can count it.

Jonathon is back to having some respiratory issues. Poor little guy. He just catches every little bug. I sure hope he can outgrow this. It's so hard on him.

Well, that's about all that's going on here right now. More later. N.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tonight Carly wanted a cheese sandwich for dinner so I made her and Jon both one. She was just picking at it when Megan came over and brought her some candy for a snack. We told her she had to finish it before she could have the candy. She did so but grudgingly. Jono, didn't do quite as well but his tumbly is smaller and he never eats as much so I let him get down and have candy, too.

It was one of those fend for your Sunday nights as far as dinner went. Grandma and Grandpa were at Susan's for oldest daughter's 18th birthday party. As the kids were eating their candy I went over and heated up a bowl of steamed broccoli to eat. Would you believe my little ones dropped their candy and came over and made me feed them broccoli? Seriously, a bite for me, a bit for Carly, a bite for Jonathon, a bite for me . . . And I'd better not get out of order! Lol!

I'm not even sure Jonathon had ever eaten broccoli but I think it's a funny vegetable for them both to love! I think it's one that had to grow on me. If you think about it, it is kind of an acquired taste. At least for most people I know. Oh well, it just seemed odd. Guess I will just be grateful my kids are eating veggies that I don't have to hide in their cookies! Lol!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


And Julie did not place . . . but I am SO PROUD OF HER for COMPETING! She has taken her first year of debate by storm! With no previous experience she is now one of her high school's top debaters. She was really disappointed not to place today so she could go on to state but I think it's a big deal for a newbie to even get this far! So, BRAVO JULIE! I am so proud of you! I love you sweetie!

Friday, February 25, 2011


We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning which was a COMPLETE surprise to me! I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to the weather forecasts because I had no idea the white stuff was coming. Luckily, we have a really nice neighbor who takes care of our walks and driveway so we don't have to worry about them.

As I write, more snow is falling from the sky. I sure hope we aren't going to get a ton. I think I'm about snowed out for the season and I think the kids have cabin fever. Gosh, I think we all have cabin fever!

BTW, Grandpa is finishing up his physical therapy next week. He has made great improvement in his movement. He does work really hard to do everything they ask of him. In fact, he usually overdoes it! He will continue on his own after the PT sessions are done to exercise at home and will hopefully improve some more.

We are really proud of Julie. She is going to Regionals tomorrow for her debate team! She has done so well this year, especially for it being her first year! Go Julie!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


While Carly was eating breakfast this morning she suddenly turned to me and said "I got to go to work today, Mom!" It made me giggle inside but I didn't let on. I think my response surprised her because she wasn't ready for it.

I turned to her and said; "Oh really, where do you work?" She popped her head up from her cereal bowl, looked at me and blinked a couple times. Finally she said; "in Daddy's office" and pointed down the hall. I smiled and said; "Oh and what do you do? This time she looked at me like I had just asked the dumbest question in the whole world. In other words--one of those "Duh" questions. Her answer: "Work, Mom!" And "Mom" had become three syllables!

Who knew I still had SO much to learn. Good thing I have a very smart 3 year old to teach me! Can't wait until she's 5 and knows EVERYTHING! LOL!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I watched my friend Robin's little girl Ellie this morning while she went to a doctor appointment. She was only gone for a couple of hours. Our kids play together really well. While Ellie was here she watched kid's shows with Carly and Jonathon, ate snacks and played with toys. They all got along great--no problems. In fact when Robin came back Ellie did not want to leave and Carly did not want her too. I ended up letting Carly go over to Robin's house to play for a few hours so no one would be unhappy!

It surprised me when I got a call from Robin around 5:30 and she asked if I'd spent some time teaching the kids to dance or anything like that today. I told her I hadn't--but my kids are ALWAYS DANCING! It can be music behind a commercial or a cartoon with music and THEY WILL DANCE! I remembered they had watched "The Fresh Beat Band which is a kids dance and music show my kids love to dance and sing to and I was pretty sure they were all dancing to that.

Then she explained to me why she was asking. Robin was in the kitchen making dinner and had some music on. She turned around to find that nineteen month old Ellie had put her little tutu on and climbed up on the kitchen table and was dancing to the music. She had NEVER done that before!

Robin said, "I probably shouldn't admit this but it was so cute, I let her do it! She acted like the table was her stage. I just got my camera out and taped the whole thing!" Ha! Now that's a Mommy after my own heart! I got to see the video of it and she is an adorable little table dancer! Lol!


If I had put them in there, they would be screaming to get out, but they play in this little tote for hours at a time! Who needs toys?! Go figure! Crazy kids!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today, I was hurriedly trying to get myself and the kids ready to go meet a friend of mine so we could take our kids to Chucky Cheese. Seemed like I wasn't making much progress because everytime I got one thing done one of the kids would undo something else. Pretty typical, but still frustrating!

So, I finish changing Jonathon and he runs off. Instead of chasing him,
I decide to try to dress Carly. WRONG DECISION! A minute later, Jono comes running back by me sucking on a wet wash rag. For a split second I let him pass--but only a SPLIT second because I realized he had come from my bathroom! UGH! Double UGH! I knew there weren't any wet wash rags in my bathroom. I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was a water trail from the toilet out the door! GASP! CHOKE! GROSS! NOOOOOO!!!!

BUT WAIT! There's more! So, I'm horrified! (Don't worry--I steam cleaned him and all.) I am almost too embarrassed to tell anyone the story--ALMOST I said. I decide to tell my friend as we are sitting watching our kids play after lunch. (It's true, you are not the first.) I am waiting, watching for her look of horror--and maybe judgment too as I tell her! Nope, neither flash across her face. I barely get my story finished--I mean BARELY when she jumps in with "Oh, that's nothing. My boys left a poopy toilet and my little girl decided to take a drink of it!"

"O.K. You win," I said! LOL!

I'm so relieved to know it's not just my kids!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Grandma and Grandpa bought Carly this red dress for her birthday. She absolutely loves it. She had to put it on first thing and even wanted to wear it to bed--but Mama said "No!" But, I did let her wear it to Church today and she was very excited! Her sister Julie even did her hair up fancy! Here's a peek:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

WE TRIED . . .

We had a really nice, pretty day here today. So, we decided tonight we would take the kids out for pizza and then go do something fun like bowling or miniature golf. We went to a really great pizza place and as we were waiting for the pizza to arrive we looked out the window and it had started raining really hard and heavy. A few minutes later, the rain turned to snow and was coming down fast and furious. Every few minutes we'd look out and the snow was coming down bigger, heavier and faster. Needless to say, we ate our pizza quickly and drove very carefully home, much to the disappointment of the little ones.

Better luck next time, I guess. :/

Friday, February 18, 2011


Grandpa's got this little guy wrapped around his finger. Hmmm. Or is it the other way around?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


That's Hi in Jono speak and he means it all the way to his tummy--as you can pretty much see! Lol!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Carly woke up this morning ready to party! She had finally gotten used to the idea of it being her birthday and she decided she liked the idea. It's a concept she still doesn't fully understand. She thought today was her birthday as well--and for that matter maybe tomorrow, too. She keeps telling me "It's not gone." Hmmm. How to explain this. I'm working on it. Or, am I being worked? Maybe the latter. Lol! Below-some pictures from the festivities.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I woke up this morning and went in to Carly's room and started singing "Happy Birthday" to her. When I finished she looked up at me quizzically from her bed and said; "It's here?" I was a little bit confused about exactly what she meant but I punted. I said; "Yes, today is your birthday! It's here!" She slowly got up out of bed and walked over to her door. This is atypical for her. Normally, she flat foots it out of her room beating me to the kitchen to get her sippy of milk. So, I wasn't sure what was coming next. She slowly peered out the door of her room and down the hallway like she didn't quite trust my words. Then she turned to me and said? "It's not here. Where is it? Didn't you buy me any presents Mama?"

Suddenly, the light bulb turned on in my brain. She had been asking me if her birthday party was here. She was looking for the balloons, the streamers, the cake, presents and people! I was supposed to have that ready when she walked out her door. Hmmmm. You know I really am raising a diva! Lol!

Actually, I think that she thought birthday parties travel around and magically appeared at people's houses on their birthdays--kind of like Santa Claus does on Christmas. It's funny what our little ones are thinking when we don't realize they are thinking anything besides what we have told them.

Happy Birthday my little cutie pie! I love you!


I'd never seen myself look this happy until I saw this picture! On our way to meet and pick up our baby girl for the first time! (Feb. 2008)

(Happy tears--Rob and I holding her! Isn't she gorgeous?!) (Feb. '08)

I'm in absolute Heaven! Mama's girl in Mama's arms.

Dad's an old hand; daughter number five!

Sweet, sweet, baby girl! Happy Birthday to you! It's all gone by SO fast! You are SO LOVED!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Carly loves to dance and her latest love is to dress up in her purple tutu and do her ballerina twirl all over the place. She especially likes to twirl now that her hair is beaded and makes clacking noises when she moves it back and forth. Thought I'd share a couple of cute pictures with you.

Our weather today was around sixty degrees. It was shirt sleeve weather and felt so nice! Hope it stays that way for awhile! Hope you are getting some of the warmth too. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I had a very nice date with my hubby today. We celebrated both our anniversary of first meeting and Valentine's Day. We went to a late lunch and a movie. It was nice to get out together just the two of us. It doesn't happen very often anymore. We had a really nice time.

Once we finished our date we went birthday shopping for Carly. She is going to turn three next Tuesday! I can't believe she's really almost three! Seems like it has all gone by so fast. My baby girl is growing up!! It makes me think of that song "Turn around, turn around . . ." Actually, I don't know if that's the name of it or not--but you get my point. The growing up happens before you know it.

I was putting Carly to bed tonight and reading her a story when Jonathon ran in and jumped on my lap, too. They were both being really cute and listening well until Rob came in with the camera. They got a little rowdy when he tried to take some pictures. The pictures didn't turn out great but I'm going to post a couple of them anyway since the Mom is usually behind the camera and not in the picture. It's kind of fun to actually have a picture of me reading to the kids. They are so darn cute and I love them so much! And they are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I gave Jonathon his first haircut today. It's not the first haircut I've given but it is the first haircut I've given with electric clippers. I usually use scissors. One of my friends told me it was easier to give an even haircut with clippers so I decided to try them. I went and bought a set and Jonathon was my first victim--(literally.) Uh Oh!

So, I read the directions but they leave a lot to your imagination. Seriously. In my defense, I've never been good with numbers. I wanted to trim Jon's hair but only about a half inch. So, I got Jon all ready, turned on the clippers and put on the half inch attachment. (Yes, you read that right.)

I started clipping Jonathon's hair only to have huge, long chunks of it coming off. What the heck?! Oh my gosh! I was doing something wrong but I wasn't sure what. So, quickly, I grabbed the 1/4 inch attachment and exchanged it with the 1/2 inch one! (OH YES, I DID!) I started clipping again, trying to fix what I'd done! But OH NO! HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! WHAT GIVES?! I AM PRACTICALLY BUZZING ALL MY BOY'S HAIR OFF!!!

Finally, I figured it out! Oh, DUH! I put the clippers down, thought for a moment what I could do and then replaced the 1/4 inch attachment with the 1/2 inch one since that was the longest one I had. I finish clipping his hair and straightened it up with scissors afterward and my boy now has his first buzz. He certainly has no mo' 'fro. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Grandma baked a thirty pound chicken today! Yep, she did. Or maybe I should restate that. Grandma baked thirty pounds of chicken today. Lol. I guess it makes a difference. That would be one big, fat bird, wouldn't it?

We found a good sale on chicken and decided to buy a bunch. We have this genious idea that we can make up freezer meals for a month. I thought we would boil it but Grandma had a better idea, so we baked it. The house sure smelled good while it was baking, too. It was moist and tender when it was done and tasted so yummy. I made some chicken noodle soup with some of it for dinner.

Grandma spent hours dicing chicken today. I managed to help for the last hour or so. I can't imagine Grandma is going to want to have anything to do with chicken anytime soon. Lol!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yep, it's happening again. Jono has a bug. Poor little guy has been going through diapers and jammies like they are free and plenty. I had to go get Julie from school today because she was vomiting. And my migraines and allergies have been bad all week. GAH!

Hopefully, it's like they say and things come in three's. That would mean we have hit our number and no one else gets sick! Cross your fingers! :/

Monday, February 7, 2011


Grandpa and Grandpa went to a doctor's appointment this morning. Nothing big, just a check-up. The kids and I just hung around home today--and unfortunately didn't get much accomplished.

After Rob got home tonight we went out for dinner. We brought dinner home for Grandma but Grandpa said he wasn't hungry. I think Grandma finally got him to eat some fruit salad. I think he was just really exhausted from his outing today.

Well, wish there was something exciting to tell you but I can't think of anything. We are getting a little bit of snow at the moment! Hopefully, it is just a little! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


It warmed up here today. It was almost like a sauna outside (44 degrees) compared to what it has been lately. We thought about going having a picnic outside or even sunbathing! Seriously, it was like walking into a wall of warm air in comparison to what's been going on. I couldn't believe it! What a great feeling!

I wish everyone around the country was getting the relief we felt today. I don't know how long it will last but we will sure take whatever we can get!

We had some family over to watch the SuperBowl today. I never care about the game. I just watch for the commercials! Although, I have to admit that I napped during the first hour and a half of the game so I missed most of the good commercials. Hopefully, I will get to see them over the next few days. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


One of my closest friends invited our family and another family for dinner tonight. It was a really nice dinner and we actually got through it without the kids trashing her house! Bonus!

Anyway, during our after dinner conversation, they were going on about how well Carly speaks--how verbal she is at her age. I agree and yet shared that I feel kind of sad that she only really has one word left of her baby talk and that is "Tartoon" or "Cartoon." Before I could make my point clear my friend turned to Carly and said, "Carly, you can say "Cartoon" can't you-(with a huge emphasis on the "C" as if she is tutoring her? Carly immediately repeats "Cartoon" perfectly. My jaw dropped and I looked at my friend like she had stolen my little girl's last moments of babyhood from me--(which she had!!!) :o (Good thing we are such good friends! Lol!)

It was at that moment my friend realized what I had been saying to her! It was not that Carly can't say it right. She hasn't chosen to say it right yet--and I am not pushing her! She's already growing up way too fast!! Babies are only babies for such a little while!

Really though, we had a truly lovely time at dinner! The company and conversation were wonderful and the menu was Mah-vuh-las! Thank you! We love you!

Friday, February 4, 2011


He's a bit of a bear . . . but he sure is a cutie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just want to say a very SPECIAL THANKS to all of my parents amazing friends who are taking such good care of them while they are away! You have NO IDEA what a blessing you are to them. Before they can even begin to worry about something you have it taken care of, or are on the phone to let them know it's alright, or soon will be.

I know I speak for my sisters when I say we feel so grateful for all of you and for the many years of friendship, kindness and love you've shown to our parents. We really can't say "thank you" enough!

We hope you all get some Sunshine soon! :) Love, Nancy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BRRRRRR . . . .

It's been a long time since we've had cold like this! It truly is too cold for man or beast!! It was nine below here last night and I thought that was freezing. Rob got called out around midnight and ended up in a city about three hours away. He said the temperature dropped on his way there to minus twenty and when he arrived there it was minus twenty-eight. I was so frozen at nine degrees I can't even imagine minus twenty-eight! It's time for this craziness to end! SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!! LOL!
It was a milestone day! Jonathon said his own name for the first time. He says other people's names but he has never said his. He also seemed to get a grip on the word "NO" today. Not in the sense that he started minding us when we say it but that he understands what it means well enough now to use it on us. He also puts some real inflection and meaning into it when he says it and even some volume and length, i.e. NOOOOO)))))))!!

It just so happened that he got a little bit sick and maybe just for punctuation at the end of the day he came running to me and threw up all over my shoulder and back. Poor little guy. I know it's a day I won't soon forget!Lol! He really is such a cute little guy with such a fun personality.

It has really gotten cold here. I didn't even step outside until nearly 10 p.m. and it was only 7 degrees out. The wind is biting cold. We havent had a ton of precipitation yet but the wind will almost cut you in half. I really do feel for those who have the wind, the cold and the elements to deal with as well, especially when their electricity has been affected. I pray the Lord will bless all those who are in need right now.

Well, I'd better get to bed so I will be able to pull myself out of bed when my kids wake up. More later. :)