Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yesterday I got the chance to be the Kool-Aid mom I've always wanted to be. Lol. My kids have been begging to have a lemonade stand so yesterday was the day. We baked cookies, bought popsicles and made lemonade to sell. Then we made a sign and invited the neighbors.

We also called the local police and asked them to drop by and have a drink and some goodies on us--and dedicated our sale to the officers lost in Dallas and Baton Rouge. It was important for us to let our local police officers know we are thinking about them and appreciate all they do for us. Our son was born in Baton Rouge and we have family there so our hearts are heavy with all that's been going on there.

The kids had a great first business experience and loved seeing their friends and neighbors--but most of all loved getting to meet and know some of our local police officers!

Carly, Officer friendly and Jono

Carly and Jono at their Lemonade Stand

Neighbor friends and helpers with Carly and Jono and some cool officers who stopped by!