Friday, October 30, 2009


It seems like everybody has felt a little better the last few days. Mom has had a sore throat she hasn't been able to shake but she has been on a couple of antibiotics from being sick the week before so we keep think it would go away. She and Dad headed out to explore their new town today on their own but were only gone for a short time and only accomplished one errand. Turns out Mom got sick at the first place they went without any warning. So, home they came and in bed she went. She spent the rest of the day there and didn't feel like eating or drinking anything. Darn this GOMBOO! We are ready to be rid of it! GO AWAY--AND STAY AWAY! We have had our share. Hope you feel better in the morning Mom! Love you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This morning Dad, Mom and I had to be out of the house early as Dad had a doctor appointment in a bigger city about 45 minutes from our home at 8:00 a.m. They wanted us to be there by twenty minutes before to check-in. No biggie. Yah, right--we had to get up so early to get ready we considered going the night before and camping out in the parking lot! I guess we're getting old, eh?

Rob got to play Mr. Mom and dropped Carly off to a play date with her friend Issac so his Mom, my friend Robin, could watch her. Then he dropped Jonathon off to another woman who really wanted to keep him. She's a sweet lady who just wanted to hold and rock him.

All was well until I went to pick up Carly. While we were gone some of her other friends joined the playdate and the last thing my little social butterfly wanted to do was GO HOME. She was NOT happy to see me! So, I let her stay for a while longer and went back for her later when all the other kids went home. Still, even later she was mad I was there to stop her fun and she cried all the way out the door and fought while I was putting her in her car seat. My little girl loves to be with her friends! I guess that's pretty normal, though.

I feel bad, too because she hasn't seen any of her little friends for about a month. I've purposely kept her home from her nursery class at church because she's been sick and because I don't want her to catch something else and bring it home to Jonathon. Carly never wants to leave her nursery class when it's over either. Poor thing is being socially starved at the moment--at least by her standards--which for a 20 month old are incredibly high.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MOM . . . MOM . . . MOM . . . MOM . . . MOM . . . MOM . . .

Carly is in the cutest stage. She is a little parrot. We really have to be careful what we say because she repeats it. Last night, at the dinner table she had the word "awesome" on the brain and lips. I'd never even heard her say the word before and it was so cute coming out of her mouth. I think for me, the funniest thing she does is just to say "Mom" over and over again. I will even have answered her and she just keeps saying "Mom" in the same tone and speed until she is sure she has my rapt attention. She absolutely cracks me up.

She is fascinated with having her grandparents here and just has to be wherever they are--whether it's upstairs or downstairs. Sometimes she is in such a hurry to join them she about knocks them over on their way down the stairs. We've had to start making her stay at the top of the stairs until they get to the bottom and that just really upsets her. She just can't understand why she can't be underfoot. She's just sure they need her to be right with them. She is a funny, funny kid. You should come watch the fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Jonathon has the most expressive face. I love the looks he can give and he has a whole range of them. This is one of my favorite pictures--not because he is unhappy but because he put his whole body into it! It's not just his face; it's the body language, too. He wants to make sure I know how he feels! He is the cutest thing ever--um, besides, Carly and my other kids, that is. LOL!

Monday, October 26, 2009


O.K. So, now it seems we think baby boy has reflux. Actually, I took that diagnosis to the doc today and he seemed to agree with me. Hubby and I have tried everything else, including changing his formula to Soy which he hates. I am thrilled to report after one dose of medication Jonathon is sleeping like the happiest camper ever! He only spit up a small bit after his bedtime feeding (unheard of) and he seems less frantic in general.

Wow. Could it be this simple? Not that this is a small thing. I mean he has a small hole in his stomach but it can be treated and healed? We may actually know what has been wrong and have the answer after weeks of him throwing up his bottles. I can't tell you how much peace of mind this is giving me already just to watch my little guy sleep peacefully. I love him so much and it has been so hard to watch him go through this and not be able to do anything to help. Thank goodness for prayers and blessings. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was a much better day. My Dad felt a lot better; just really tired. I think he is on his way to a full recovery, though. Yay!

Everybody was tired here today. We all wanted to just take naps or stay in bed. Jonathon had me up all night long. He is still having trouble keeping food down. We started him on soy formula last night but that hasn't seemed to make any difference. I don't think it's about what we are feeding him. I'm wondering if he has reflux or something like that.

We started giving him the meds our family doctor prescribed for him a week ago. These are the same ones the hospital docs said not to give him at the point we took him in there. Well, we waited and there hasn't been any improvement so we are trying the meds. I just feel so helpless and so sorry for him. As a mom, you just don't have a clue what to do for him and you really feel like you should be able to fix it. I just don't know how! Darn it all. I am hoping the meds help. He did have a blessing tonight, too, so that should help as well.

He is almost asleep and I am really hoping he will sleep for several hours because this mommy is worn out and definitely needs some BEAUTY SLEEP!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's true! Jonathon is two months old today! The time has really flown by. It's amazing how fast he has grown. He is over nine pounds now. Even with being sick and all he has managed to gain weight and become a ripe, jolly little guy! He really is the most pleasant little sick boy I've ever met. Here's a photo from this evening:

Friday, October 23, 2009


Today started out with a doctor visit for my Dad and ended eight hours later after we had seen 3 doctors, been in the Emergency Room and had a multitude of tests. He started out with bronchitis last week and apparently the antibiotic they gave him for that gave him a nasty case of thrush and a severe infection. It has been no picnic for him or those of us who have been trying to get him to eat and/or drink ANYTHING. Poor guy. He has really had a time of it. Hopefully, he is on his way to getting better now.

Jonathon is doing a little better. He's keeping one of every three bottles down and his breathing seems to be better. We need the angel of health to pass over our home and give us a little extra splash of blessings. Prayers please. Now to bed--hopefully to rest.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


First of all, I'm still awake! I just got Bubby boy to sleep about a half hour ago and I'm sure he'll wake up wanting another bottle in about an hour. I've spent the last 4.5 hours trying to order pictures of this handsome boy and they still aren't ordered! I hate ordering digital photos! Maybe it's just Sam's Club or maybe it's doing it online but no matter what I do the process is never simple! I am just ordering 4x6 prints of snapshots I've taken and it keeps making me crop them over and over again. Plus, it double loads some of them and that drives me nuts. Then I have to search through them and delete duplicates but I have to notice that they are duplicates first! Arrgh!

I did order one time from Walmart but they just cut everyone's heads off and their coloring wasn't any good. I do like my digital camera and the ease of it and all but getting the actual photo's is a pain in the behind! Does anyone know a simpler way to do this?! If so, please tell me.

I'm posting some photos of Carly below. I dressed her up really cute today and asked Julie to take some photos of her. When I pulled them up just now I noticed that only a few came out very well because part way through either Julie or Carly smudged the lens so there is a blur in the middle of the photos. It's too bad because the pictures after these ones were of them in their Halloween Costumes and they were really cute but the lens was even dirtier on those ones. They didn't turn out at all. I think these ones of Carly are pretty cute even with a little blur.

Enjoy! I gotta go crash before baby Jon wakes up and wants to eat!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I actually got enough sleep last night that I didn't need a nap today. That hasn't happened since Jonathon was born unless Rob or one of the girls took care of him for me and gave me the night off. I even accomplished a few things today--not everything I wanted to, of course, but more than I expected to!

I'm not sure what the difference was because I got up with Jonathon several times but he ate and went back to sleep pretty quickly each time--or took his pacifier instead. He's been losing so many bottles that sometimes that's what he does instead.

Today has been a bad day for him losing bottles (i.e. formula). I don't think he kept a whole bottle down all day long. Even tonight I got all or part of every one I fed him back. But the doctors told us not to panic as long as he is having wet diapers--and he is having plenty of those, even some dirty ones. So, we are trying not to panic. He is evidently keeping some of the food he eats down. It's just so hard to watch your little baby vomit up everything you feed him and still want more.
I feel so bad for him and I don't know what to do. I just wish he would start feeling better.

I've cleaned out his nose with that little rubber suction thing as well as I can. He just hates it! Plus, I can't tell that it makes much of a difference in his breathing. Poor little guy. I never knew a cold could be this hard on a baby. Please say a prayer for Jonathon that he will get well quickly. He needs all the help he can get and so do we.

Monday, October 19, 2009


to give her an update on how Jonathon is doing (which is a little bit better) and she gently reminded me she didn't have any pictures of him yet to show off to her friends. She's right! I only have one shot of him on paper and it's one that was taken by the hospital. It's not that I haven't snapped any photos it's just that I am one of those notorious digital photographers who takes the photo and leaves it in the camera. "Oh shoot! (Pun intended!) I keep meaning to order those pictures!"

When Carly was this age she'd already had her own photo shoot with Lori and had some gorgeous professional photos to show for it. It's just that Jonathon has been sick for several weeks and we haven't had the chance to have any taken of him. We have had to keep him at home away from everyone. Being a preemie he is susceptible to everything--so it's been a little harder! That just means I've got to snap more photos and be MORE DILIGENT at getting them out of my camera! So BUG ME PEOPLE until I do! I just have to order pictures! I love the ease of the digital camera for being able to see the pictures immediately and post them online but I hate that it allows you to be so LAZY about never getting them made into pictures! Oh well, what do you expect. I mean, really. I'm only human. Ye Gads!


Either that or I've got to stop putting every piece of sugar and chocolate I see in my mouth. Nah, that's not gonna happen. I need some exercise! But what do I do when my tired is tired?! I don't know but I have to figure something out. I think it's one of those bad circles you get into. You crave sugar because your body needs exercise and better food but you don't have time so you eat crud on the run and don't exercise so your body keeps being exhausted and craving all the wrong foods. Grrr. Gotta take a minute and do something right so I can feel a little better and less tired even when Junior isn't letting me sleep.

Hey, if you need a chuckle or two go check out this website. My daughter Megan turned me on to it. It's called My Life Is Average and is a bunch of snippets people share about their lives. Some of them are pretty funny!
Have a terrific day and if you get a chance, do a hundred sit-ups for me! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Sara came home for a visit this weekend. She hadn't been able to meet Jonathon yet and was excited to come see him. It's been fun having her here. Carly has especially loved having her around and has considered her to be her own private playmate. Sara put her to bed tonight and spoiled her in doing so. She didn't put her right to bed she laid down with her on the couch first and just cuddled her. It was really cute. Here's a picture of the two of them.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I can't believe a whole week has gone by again. It's Julie's night again. That means sleep for me. Don't feel bad for her now--she gave me Friday nights as a birthday gift. It makes me smile when I think about it. So, ask me why it's after midnight and I'm not asleep. Because I'm STUPID-that's why! I should be but I'm staying up to write this blog--and check email and other things I didn't get to today. Dumb, dumb, dumb . . . My mind keeps whispering "Sleep while you can silly." And I should. I will soon.

Carly got two baths today--the one she got when she first woke up and the one she got after her nap when she had poured her bottle of milk all over herself, her hair and her bed. Yah, she looked great. She is now banned from having bottles in bed with her. She is something else!

Well, off to count sheep, my friends.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When I was young my Dad used to tell me stories of his childhood. They were usually funny stories of things he got into and away with but they almost always involved his Grandfather or Grandmother who lived with his family when he was growing up. My dad adored his Grandfather. Now, my Dad has always been a good story teller but he also had what I would describe as a delightfully colorful childhood. If there was mischief to get into he found it and has a story about it. We loved to hear these stories around the dinner table when we were growing up.

I bring this up because I feel like I am watching history repeat itself. I have this very mischievious child who gets into absolutely everything. All of the sudden she has her Grandma and Grandpa here and let me tell you--she ADORES THEM. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is goes and finds them. She chats their ears off. She wants to be where they are, doing what they are doing. I love that my kids are growing up with their grandparents right here with them. I can't wait to hear the stories Carly is going to tell about her Grandpa and Grandma.

I know how much it meant for me to grow up near my Grandparents and what a blessing they were to me. I have such fond memories of them. I only wish the same blessing for my children.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Jonathon's virus panel came back and it showed no viruses, no pneumonia or any other illness! That leaves us with the good, old-fashioned cold. It's a doozy, though. It has hung on and clung on without abandon for several weeks now!

Boy, I don't know what I would do if my parents weren't here. They have saved me by helping handle Carly in the mornings when I have been up most of the night with Jonathon. Mostly she just needs someone she can chatter to who doesn't mind having their ear talked off! Oh, and you have to keep an eye on her to make sure she isn't disassembling something she shouldn't be or swallowing some random piece of plastic, metal or wood. Yah, if it fits in her mouth she figures it belongs in her stomach! Go figure!

I sure hope I'm being an equal help to them in other ways. This last week has been especially hard, though with Jonathon being so sick. Hopefully, this will all pass soon.

If you're reading this say a prayer for all the sickies in our home. We need to get better and get rested really soon. Here's hoping we are well on our way! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Yittle Guy

We just got back from the children's hospital with Jonathon. He has had a rough couple of days. Our doctor sent us down there because he couldn't keep anything including the medicine he prescribed for him down. Plus, his oxygen level was pretty low. By the time we got there his level was back up and he was doing much better. They suctioned out his nose and that helped a ton. They are going to run a virus check on his "snot" to make sure he hasn't gotten any flu's or viruses. Other than that they think he just has a really bad cold and that all the phlegm going down his throat into his tummy is keeping him from keeping anything in his tummy.

So, we are having to try and keep his nose clear--which is easier said than done-- so that he can keep food down. Hopefully, things will improve soon. This poor little guy has been through a lot the last couple of weeks. Hmmmm. So have his parents now that you mention it . . .

Monday, October 12, 2009


Jonathon is having a relapse, I think. He hasn't been able to keep much down all day. We have all been thrown up on. Well, at least all the women folk. He seems to have a deal with the men. You know, it's a guy thing and they stand by each other. So, it wouldn't be cool to throw up on Dad or Grandpa.

Carly has still been sporting a small fever, a cough and a runny nose. A little Tylenol and she is as good as new for a few hours, though.

Took Grandma and Grandpa to the doctor today. They have the Gomboo. It's okay because they have medicine for the Gomboo and we got some. Really liked the doctor, though. She was so good I think I'll change doctors myself!

Megan is sick too. She hasn't been able to come by and see the munchkins for several days--not wanting to re-infect them with more germs.

I haven't felt good for days but I don't think I have the full and complete Gomboo yet. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Hopefully, Rob and Julie won't fall to the germs either. It sure does seem like everybody around here is or has been sick. I'm tired of the germs living in our house. I'm ready to kick them to the curb. Wish it were that easy!


It's 3:20 a.m. and Jonathon is wide awake. I'm awake too but but not so wide. Rob handed Jonathon off to me about 2 hours ago. We split the shift tonight because I am still so tired from being up all of last night. I went to bed at about 8:30 p.m. tonight so I could get a few hours of rest before it was my turn to be up. Good thing since Jonathon is showing no sign of closing his gorgeous dark eyes any time soon!

He is waving his arms around and looking intently at me and making sounds like he's actually trying to tell me something. It makes me wonder what he really knows and thinks about at this young age. Somehow, I think it's a lot more than we would believe.

Oh yay, now it is 4:20 a.m. and I have closed eyes and a snoring, sleeping baby in my arms. I will stop my one handed typing and join him in slumber. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Literally! Look at that. He's holding onto my heart necklace! And check out those chubby cheeks! I just love them! They especially make me happy since he has managed to gain weight while he has been sick. Yep, my little guy is up to 8 lbs 7 ounces and he's 22 inches long! He might have come early but I think he's going to catch up just fine.

I know this picture is a little fuzzy but I just had to put it on here anyway because it shows his little chubby cheeks so clearly! See how big they are? He is not only getting well but he's putting enough weight on that he has something to fight with should he get sick again. He's a smart little boy:)

He's just plain cute here and so peaceful. I love this little guy so much! He is a happy little boy, too. Not to mention that he brings us a ton of happiness also! I just love the way he grabbed ahold of the heart on my necklace. Isn't that sweet?!

Friday, October 9, 2009


It's going to be the strangest night. I'm actually going to sleep in the same bed with my husband at the same time! Julie gave me the best birthday present; she is staying up with the baby on Friday nights until he starts sleeping through the night! That means both Rob and I get a full night's sleep at the same time. I mean, that hasn't happened since the end of August. I'm so excited I'm almost giddy! I can't even remember what a full night's sleep feels like. This is going to be so great! I may even have time to dream! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Jonathon went in for a follow up today and is doing so much better! It's so funny, though, all of the nurses have to come in and see him because he is so handsome. I even overheard the doctor telling one of the nurses she had to go in and see my really handsome baby! No, I'm not a proud Mama--not me! Ha! He is awful darned cute! And I'm so grateful he is getting better!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Another good day, (in other words--more poop!) More than that, Jonathon and Carly just seemed better overall today. Jonathon has been eating really well and keeping most of it down. Mom and I both thought his face actually looked chubby today. I know, I know--where's the picture. I will start taking some and put them up in the next day or so. All this lack of sleep has affected my picture taking. I have to get back to it. He changes so fast.

I had a fun shower tonight some really sweet neighbors and friends threw for me. They gave Jonathon some really cute outfits and books. He is a blessed little boy and I am so grateful to be his mom. Thanks so much to all my friends.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jonathon and Carly have RSV. That's respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus. It's a respiratory virus that infects the lungs and breathing passages and can be really dangerous for babies and small children. Carly's case is really mild and I think, clearing up. I'm pretty sure she caught it first and being a little older she is able to withstand it a little better. Jonathon, being a preemie, was especially susceptible to it and it's more dangerous for him.

Anyway, we are doing breathing treatments on both of them and working hard to keep them hydrated. Jonathon hasn't been able to keep a whole lot down--so we have had to work really hard to help him do so. However, it's been a day or so since he's had a bowel movement. (I know, I know--TMI (too much information.)

The doctor did tell me to worry most if Jonathon stopped having wet diapers. He's good on that front--no pun intended. We've managed to keep enough down him to keep him hydrated. But they said we would need to worry at some point if he started losing weight--thus, the bowel movements are connected to not being able to keep formula down. So, I was VERY EXCITED when I opened his little diaper a few moments ago to find a big (it's all relative) mound of POOP! I just knew all of you would want to share in my joy! Yay! Poop, baby, Poop!

In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers. RSV can be pretty mean to little babies. Love you all, Nancy :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandma with Jonathon. So adorable!

Oh, so sweet. Grandma's handsome boy.

Grandpa John with his namesake, baby Jonathon

Big John with Little Jon

That's my guy!


It feels like "Old Home Week" here--although, I suppose the old home is in the wrong place and isn't quite the right home to begin with. Still, all the right people are coming and going so the feel is the same. Aunt Sarah showed up with her brood this morning for a bit and then they had to disappear for a few hours to visit friends in their old stomping grounds. They came back this evening and are spending the rest of the weekend with us.

We all stayed up much too late tonight talking and catching up. Sarah and I didn't stop until almost 1:30 a.m. Grandma hung in there with us until nearly midnight. Grandpa was there til nearly midnight but his eyelids were shut--so, I don't think he gets to count that time.

It is nearly 2:00 a.m. now. Jonathon has not felt well since about noon so I am still up with him. I think we finally found something to settle his tummy so he and I will get to go to sleep soon. It sure is nice having my family all in one place. Blessings abound. God is good.

Friday, October 2, 2009


YAY! The Grandparents have finally arrived. I had told Carly Grandpa and Grandma were coming for so many days in a row that when I told her today that they would be here she just looked at me and said "un uh!" I said "Yes, they really are coming today, I promise!" And they did!

They are exhausted but happy to finally get here. We are thrilled to have them here. We all have lots of unpacking and resettling to do, doctors to find, operations to have, healing to do, etc. But it's all good because we are all together now! Family is the most important thing and we love ours so much! We love you Mom and Dad and we are so glad you are here!