Sunday, May 31, 2015


Saturday was the first day since Wednesday or so that I really got up and stayed out of bed. I had been hacking for a week or more. I am so tired of coughing! Unfortunately now Jono has it. Although, thankfully, he doesn't seem to be having any side complications. Knock on wood. We went to church today and then came home and napped for awhile.

Grandma went out and did a little shopping and then when she got back and we started dinner, Grandpa got sick. I think he got to feeling a little better before bedtime but we are keeping an eye on him.

Carly has four days of school left and she can hardly wait till they are over. Counting them down!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Jono woke up much earlier than usual this morning and came in and snuggled in bed with Rob and me. He actually fell sound asleep again and when I got up to get Carly ready and run her to school he stayed asleep. I shut the door quietly and left him in my room while I took her. I was hoping he would still be sleeping when I got back because I was really exhausted and wanted to sleep a little longer. He was and I did.

When we finally started to wake up. He said to me kind of groggily, "Mom, where's Carly?" I said, "She's at school?" He said, "Did you take her?" I said, "Yes." (Now, this whole conversation occurred without him really even opening his eyes. He was still kind of snuggled in next to me. So, he hadn't even gotten a good look at me yet.) Then he says, "Well, good thing they didn't make fun of what you were wearing!" Lol! Good thing I love this kid!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Grandma had a doctor appointment today and things went well. Jono and I hung out with Grandpa while she was gone. I tried having Grandpa tell Jono some of his childhood stories but Grandpa's voice wasn't very loud today and Jono's attention span was really short so mostly I got to enjoy them. I wish my kids were old enough to appreciate my dad's stories. He has some excellent ones with some great lessons. Hopefully, we can get some of them written down.

Carly has a school play the last week of school and she has a narrator part in it. Almost everyday she has come home and told me her teacher says she needs to practice more say certain words better. So I have been working hard with her on it. Today, she came home really upset because her teacher told her she still had to practice more. Carly thought she had really improved and so it hurt her feelings.

I ran through it with her a couple of times tonight and she seemed to be reading it just fine. Then it hit me to send her into her dad. I knew he would know just what to do. That was exactly the right medicine. It was so cute to listen to. For the next 45 minutes I heard him explain to her what the narrator part was and ask her if she really knew what the whole story was about she was going to be narrating. He asked if she knew where her part came in and who she came after. He made sure she understood the story she was telling so she could tell it in an engaging way.

Wow, I sure love this guy I am parenting with. It really does take both of us! My little girl went to bed a happy girl and will hopefully have a better practice with her teacher tomorrow! Thanks for the help Daddy!

Monday, May 25, 2015


In the interest of equal time for my young ones -- I give you Karate Girl. (This is Carly's new sport.)

Carly with her friend Evan

Practicing Moves

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Just had to share this photo. Jono has gotten creative with the way he takes his nebulizer treatments. This boy cracks me up -- which is probably lucky for him on some days!

#Goggleman #Mycuteboy #Theblueshepherd

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Spent today in bed mostly with kids climbing in and out to be near me. They don't like it when I'm not out and about in the house. Still coughing a lot and unfortunately tonight Carly started coughing too. I hate for her to be sick during the last couple weeks of school. I hate Spring colds! Hopefully this one won't last long for either of us.

Grandma started making "Race" food today. She got part of our meal for race-day made today and will finish it up tomorrow. We have a family tradition of having chicken and potato salad while we listen to the Indy 500. The great thing about being out here is that we are far enough away we can usually watch it!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Don't forget to remember those who gave all for our freedom. Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Start your engines!

Friday, May 22, 2015


 I haven't felt well at all today. Last night I knew I was either coming down with something or the pollen count was really high and my allergies were out of control. I woke up this morning and knew it was the former. I've been coughing my head off and I only have a partial voice. What I do have is this really crackle-y sounding voice that is even hard for me to listen to and hurts a bit when I speak. There, I'm done whining. I feel better. Thank goodness it's the weekend and hubby's home!

Susan and her daughter Ashley came up and helped Grandpa for several hours today. Grandma made dinner for everyone before they left.

The best part of the day though was that I had two very cuddly kids all day. They don't like it when mommy is sick. Jono took care of me most of the morning. He curled up with me in bed and we looked at books and he got me things I needed. Nurse Carly replaced him when school let out. She's very tenderhearted and always worried when mommy doesn't feel good. So, she has to stay right with me. Two very sweet kiddos.

Well, since my nurses have been put to bed, I guess I'd better get some rest myself. Night, night.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I think I wrote about Grandma tripping over the vacuum last month (so to speak). Anyway, her ankle is still fairly swollen from that fall so I took her back to the urgent care last night. They re-examined her ankle and x-rayed it again but still couldn't find a break or fracture--at least not one that was visible. So, she was sentenced to the boot again and some physical therapy. The doctor told her the physical therapy can actually be very helpful for injuries like this so hopefully doing some will help it.

I was in trouble yesterday for making cupcakes but not keeping any of them (I couldn't because they were for my friend's wedding.) So today I made cupcakes for here and had some very happy kids. Jono is through with pre-school now and Carly only has a two weeks of school left. Things are definitely winding down and I will be glad to have them out for the summer. (Remind me later I said that. Lol.)

Susan is coming up tomorrow to help dad with some of his paperwork. He is doing pretty well right now. He has a bit of a harder time getting around these days than usual but he still manages. If he's going out of the house to an appointment and steps are involved then he generally needs some help. Otherwise he does pretty well.

Not much else to report on at the moment. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


So, tonight my 7 year old told me I am not allowed to come to her school with a ponytail in my hair--and I'm not sure yet but it may have hurt my feelings. Lol.

I spent most of the day making 12 dozen cupcakes for a friend's wedding and admittedly hadn't spent much time on my beauty regimen. (Alright, I don't have a beauty regimen.) Anyway, I was still in my sweats and t-shirt when I went to pick her up. I did have a little bit of make-up on but I hadn't done much with my hair. I had it up in a ponytail. But here's my saving grace!! I knew I didn't look good enough to go get her myself so I stayed in the car and sent Jonathon! I thought I behaved like a perfectly good first grader's mom and stayed in the car where I knew I wouldn't embarrass her. Obviously, it wasn't good enough because before bedtime I got the little lecture about "no ponytails" at school.

I did talk back a little though. I said, "Well, you know, Daddy actually likes my hair in a ponytail. Did you know that?" She looked at me and didn't quite know what to say or where to go with that. So she finally said. "Well, I just like your hair when it's all poofy cuz it just looks crazy and I like it crazy! So wear it poofy when you come to get me like you normally do, OK?"

At this point, I'm thinking I should have just shut up and agreed not to wear the ponytail to her school. I'm not sure I needed to learn I normally walk around with a poofy, crazy look. There is such a thing as TMI (too much information.)

The worst part is, it's usually kids under age 10 who just say it like it is, good or bad. They have no real filters so the truth just comes out of their mouth. I'm going to miss my pony tails and my poofy, crazy looks. That -- or I'm gonna need a couple of gags -- size 5.5 and 7.5 with a little room to grow. Lol!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TEXTING 1, 2, 3 . . .

Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids for us tonight while we went to Aunt Susan's for a presentation she wanted us to see. Grandma was invited too but she offered to babysit if we would take notes for her.

The kids weren't didn't want mommy to leave them but they had fun cutting watermelon with Grandma and she made them pizza for dinner. That didn't stop the scolding when we got home a little later than they thought we should have. I have two little ones with strong opinions.

Tomorrow I am baking cupcakes for my friend's son's wedding dinner. This is the same friend who made my wedding dress ten years ago. Somehow cupcakes don't really equate to sewing a wedding dress but since I don't have that skill (and her son would look silly in a wedding dress anyway) baking will have to do. I am relieved though that she is going to ice and decorate them herself since I am a true novice at that.

Grandma and I finally went and got her and Grandpa a "smart" phone yesterday. We are now in the process of getting it figured out. It's actually the same kind I have but it's a couple levels smarter than mine so it does some things even mine doesn't do. Hopefully, we can figure it out without too much pain! The best thing is Grandma is learning how to text! So if you get a text from her soon it's real!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Carly had Karate tonight and when Jonathon an I were leaving to go pick her up it was storming outside. Also, Rob had just called to let us know he was on his way home in the storm. Jonathon was pretty worried about all of us being out driving when it was thundering, lightning and raining so hard so he asked me if he could say a prayer. I said he could and he said a sweet prayer asking that we could all drive safe and get home safe. Then he thought for a minute or two and asked me if he could please say his prayer over again for his daddy. I said sure. (I was driving by now.) This time he asked Heavenly Father if he would please put a "force field" around his daddy as he came home. goodness! This little boy--I mean, well--I wanted to laugh but then, I thought, I would LOVE it if Heavenly Father would put a force field around my husband and bring him home safely. And as far as I know that is just what happened. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


My sister Sarah stopped by today with her family. They had come this way to pick their daughter up at the airport in SLC. She'd been staying with an aunt in VA. Anyway, they surprised us and we had a nice visit with them.

We got wonderful, amazing and relieving news last week when Sarah's husband Rich found a position here in Utah. He has been trying to find a job for quite sometime. He has excellent qualification but we think he was probably being seen as "overqualified" by a some of the places he applied too. Finally, though he found a place that really liked his resume and loved him when he interviewed with them. So, he starts with them next week and Sarah and the kids are staying to sell the house. They plan to move this way within 2-3 months.  We are all so ecstatic!

I have just hated having my baby sister so far away and I know mom and dad are excited to have her within an hour also. They will be moving back to the same area they left and that is about 45 minutes from us. So, anyone who wants to join us in prayer that their house in Idaho sells quickly would be very welcomed to do so!

Carly has a field trip tomorrow to Red Butte Gardens in SLC. She is very excited. They have beautiful gardens there and over 8,000 different varieties of trees. They are going to do a lot of walking and learning. From what the teacher has told us there is over a mile of walking to see all of what they have there.

Last week in Karate Carly broke her first boards. I wasn't there to see it happen but my friend Robin caught a couple of pictures of her breaking one of the boards. She broke a green one and then she broke two together -- a yellow and orange one. I'm so excited that she is loving Karate. We had her and Jono both in gymnastics and while she liked gymnastics okay, she wasn't excelling in it the way Jono is. And the competition between them just wasn't worth it. Now that they each have something they love and can excel in -- it is fun to watch.

My Achy Breaky Girl



Sorry about not getting that video to work last night. I thought it was up and didn't realize it hadn't made it.

It's been a really rainy, cold day here today. We need the moisture but it would be nice if it weren't so cold.

Everyone here is doing pretty well. The kids only have a couple weeks of school left. Jono's pre-school gets out in about a week and a half and Carly gets out on June 4th. Jono is getting so excited for  Kindergarten!

This is his pre-school picture from this year. We just got it on Friday. I just took a picture of the photo to post here so the lighting isn't as good as the actual photo. He is such a handsome little guy. Sure love my little one!

Well, better get to bed so I can get everyone (especially me) up for church in the morning. Night all!

Friday, May 15, 2015


Jono is getting to be a really good little gymnast. So much so that his gymnastic coaches are begging us to let him be on their competition teams--one you usually have to tryout to be on. We are a little apprehensive since he isn't even in Kindergarten yet! We are having to give it some serious thought since Jono really wants to do it as well. We don't want to hamper his natural talents and abilities but this would be a bigger time commitment than his present one. We just want to make sure he has enough balance--that he gets time to be a regular kid, too and just enjoy school and playing with other kids--and isn't spending all of his free time at gymnastics or practicing. He is just so young still. Decisions . . . decisions.
In the meantime, here he is doing his back handspring at home:

Thursday, May 7, 2015


We went to Cedar City this past weekend to see our daughter Sara graduate. She received her masters and her MBA and we are mighty proud of all her hard work! Way to go Sara! Here are just a few--OK a lot of our pictures! 
Dad and Sara
Julie, Sara, Megan and Carly

Sara receiving her degrees
Julie, Rob, Sara, Megan
Jono and Carly (Mom is taking the photo)

Stephen and Sara, Jono on Sara's lap, Megan with Carly on her lap, Julie
Nancy and Rob standing behind

Nancy with Sara

Sara with the parents

Sara and her little brother

Sara with baby sis
Megan and Sara

Megan and Dad with the little photo bomber

Carly being teased by dad (the photo bomber strikes again)
Sara and Julie (Look close--there are two photo bombers!)

Father and son