Sunday, May 17, 2015


Sorry about not getting that video to work last night. I thought it was up and didn't realize it hadn't made it.

It's been a really rainy, cold day here today. We need the moisture but it would be nice if it weren't so cold.

Everyone here is doing pretty well. The kids only have a couple weeks of school left. Jono's pre-school gets out in about a week and a half and Carly gets out on June 4th. Jono is getting so excited for  Kindergarten!

This is his pre-school picture from this year. We just got it on Friday. I just took a picture of the photo to post here so the lighting isn't as good as the actual photo. He is such a handsome little guy. Sure love my little one!

Well, better get to bed so I can get everyone (especially me) up for church in the morning. Night all!

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