Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Grandma had a doctor appointment today and things went well. Jono and I hung out with Grandpa while she was gone. I tried having Grandpa tell Jono some of his childhood stories but Grandpa's voice wasn't very loud today and Jono's attention span was really short so mostly I got to enjoy them. I wish my kids were old enough to appreciate my dad's stories. He has some excellent ones with some great lessons. Hopefully, we can get some of them written down.

Carly has a school play the last week of school and she has a narrator part in it. Almost everyday she has come home and told me her teacher says she needs to practice more say certain words better. So I have been working hard with her on it. Today, she came home really upset because her teacher told her she still had to practice more. Carly thought she had really improved and so it hurt her feelings.

I ran through it with her a couple of times tonight and she seemed to be reading it just fine. Then it hit me to send her into her dad. I knew he would know just what to do. That was exactly the right medicine. It was so cute to listen to. For the next 45 minutes I heard him explain to her what the narrator part was and ask her if she really knew what the whole story was about she was going to be narrating. He asked if she knew where her part came in and who she came after. He made sure she understood the story she was telling so she could tell it in an engaging way.

Wow, I sure love this guy I am parenting with. It really does take both of us! My little girl went to bed a happy girl and will hopefully have a better practice with her teacher tomorrow! Thanks for the help Daddy!

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