Sunday, May 17, 2015


My sister Sarah stopped by today with her family. They had come this way to pick their daughter up at the airport in SLC. She'd been staying with an aunt in VA. Anyway, they surprised us and we had a nice visit with them.

We got wonderful, amazing and relieving news last week when Sarah's husband Rich found a position here in Utah. He has been trying to find a job for quite sometime. He has excellent qualification but we think he was probably being seen as "overqualified" by a some of the places he applied too. Finally, though he found a place that really liked his resume and loved him when he interviewed with them. So, he starts with them next week and Sarah and the kids are staying to sell the house. They plan to move this way within 2-3 months.  We are all so ecstatic!

I have just hated having my baby sister so far away and I know mom and dad are excited to have her within an hour also. They will be moving back to the same area they left and that is about 45 minutes from us. So, anyone who wants to join us in prayer that their house in Idaho sells quickly would be very welcomed to do so!

Carly has a field trip tomorrow to Red Butte Gardens in SLC. She is very excited. They have beautiful gardens there and over 8,000 different varieties of trees. They are going to do a lot of walking and learning. From what the teacher has told us there is over a mile of walking to see all of what they have there.

Last week in Karate Carly broke her first boards. I wasn't there to see it happen but my friend Robin caught a couple of pictures of her breaking one of the boards. She broke a green one and then she broke two together -- a yellow and orange one. I'm so excited that she is loving Karate. We had her and Jono both in gymnastics and while she liked gymnastics okay, she wasn't excelling in it the way Jono is. And the competition between them just wasn't worth it. Now that they each have something they love and can excel in -- it is fun to watch.

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