Thursday, May 21, 2015


I think I wrote about Grandma tripping over the vacuum last month (so to speak). Anyway, her ankle is still fairly swollen from that fall so I took her back to the urgent care last night. They re-examined her ankle and x-rayed it again but still couldn't find a break or fracture--at least not one that was visible. So, she was sentenced to the boot again and some physical therapy. The doctor told her the physical therapy can actually be very helpful for injuries like this so hopefully doing some will help it.

I was in trouble yesterday for making cupcakes but not keeping any of them (I couldn't because they were for my friend's wedding.) So today I made cupcakes for here and had some very happy kids. Jono is through with pre-school now and Carly only has a two weeks of school left. Things are definitely winding down and I will be glad to have them out for the summer. (Remind me later I said that. Lol.)

Susan is coming up tomorrow to help dad with some of his paperwork. He is doing pretty well right now. He has a bit of a harder time getting around these days than usual but he still manages. If he's going out of the house to an appointment and steps are involved then he generally needs some help. Otherwise he does pretty well.

Not much else to report on at the moment. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. :)

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