Monday, May 18, 2015


Carly had Karate tonight and when Jonathon an I were leaving to go pick her up it was storming outside. Also, Rob had just called to let us know he was on his way home in the storm. Jonathon was pretty worried about all of us being out driving when it was thundering, lightning and raining so hard so he asked me if he could say a prayer. I said he could and he said a sweet prayer asking that we could all drive safe and get home safe. Then he thought for a minute or two and asked me if he could please say his prayer over again for his daddy. I said sure. (I was driving by now.) This time he asked Heavenly Father if he would please put a "force field" around his daddy as he came home. goodness! This little boy--I mean, well--I wanted to laugh but then, I thought, I would LOVE it if Heavenly Father would put a force field around my husband and bring him home safely. And as far as I know that is just what happened. :)

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