Friday, May 15, 2015


Jono is getting to be a really good little gymnast. So much so that his gymnastic coaches are begging us to let him be on their competition teams--one you usually have to tryout to be on. We are a little apprehensive since he isn't even in Kindergarten yet! We are having to give it some serious thought since Jono really wants to do it as well. We don't want to hamper his natural talents and abilities but this would be a bigger time commitment than his present one. We just want to make sure he has enough balance--that he gets time to be a regular kid, too and just enjoy school and playing with other kids--and isn't spending all of his free time at gymnastics or practicing. He is just so young still. Decisions . . . decisions.
In the meantime, here he is doing his back handspring at home:

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