Saturday, May 23, 2015


Spent today in bed mostly with kids climbing in and out to be near me. They don't like it when I'm not out and about in the house. Still coughing a lot and unfortunately tonight Carly started coughing too. I hate for her to be sick during the last couple weeks of school. I hate Spring colds! Hopefully this one won't last long for either of us.

Grandma started making "Race" food today. She got part of our meal for race-day made today and will finish it up tomorrow. We have a family tradition of having chicken and potato salad while we listen to the Indy 500. The great thing about being out here is that we are far enough away we can usually watch it!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Don't forget to remember those who gave all for our freedom. Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Start your engines!

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