Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am writing this very early in the morning so this will be short. Grandpa went back to the doctor today for a check on his Cellulitis and some of it was better but it had actually spread quite a bit and in some areas looked pretty sore--so the doctor is concerned. She gave him a shot of a strong anti-biotic. He does have a fever of around 99-100. I'm sure it is his body just trying to fight off the infection.

I did get him to eat dinner so that made me happy. He seems in good spirits, though. He is tired--but up to phone calls if any of you want to chat. Well, that's all for now. I will keep you posted. Prayers are very helpful. Take care.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So it turns out Dad's fever was a result of having Cellulitis again. Though this time he has it around his mid-section. He's had it several times before but only on his lower leg. We aren't sure what  brought this on but Mom got him into the doctor yesterday and he is on antibiotics. He was also a little dehydrated so we are trying to get more liquids down him. That has been a concern for awhile though. We never can get him to drink as much as we'd like--though he has done better lately. His fever is gone now or at least down.

Mom had an appointment with a surgeon today to check out her thyroid. She did have the beginnings of a tiny tumor they are going to remove at the end of July. Luckily she found a doctor that has done many, many of these removals so we feel pretty good about him. Wow, lately it seems like it has just been one thing after another here. Hopefully, we can get everyone feeling better and back on their feet really soon.

Sally and Seth arrive next week (give or take a few days) (Lol)--I think it's around the first or second of July. Dad's birthday is the fifth but we like to celebrate on the fourth and fifth--it keeps him happy! Hahaha! Hopefully we can have him nursed back to health by then! Just in case though, keep him and my mom in your prayers--Please!

More later.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Grandpa's high fever had broken by morning and was down to just over 100 degrees.. I think it got over 103 in the night but it has stayed around 100 throughout the day. We have him drinking more liquids, water and juice. He never eats much anymore but we are getting down him what we can.

I had a migraine wake me up just before morning and have fought it off all day long. It has not turned out to be a very productive day as you can imagine. I got up fairly early but ended up going back to sleep for several hours trying to get rid of the headache. Thankfully, Rob was home to handle the kiddos.

Rob goes back to work tomorrow. He works this next week and then is off for a week when my Aunt and Uncle come from Alabama for my Dad's birthday. We really enjoy having them visit. They are going to spend a few days here before they head off on another adventure.

Well, better get myself in bed before I bring on another headache. Night all.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today has been a catch-up day. Rob spent the day sanding doors to get them ready to paint. Somehow when they built our house they either painted our outside doors with indoor paint or just left the primer on them. We didn't know any different until the paint started bubbling off and the wood started to look like it might go bad if it didn't get fixed quickly. Contractor shortcuts . . . too many to mention--so little time. Gah!

I did get the yard mowed today--all except the edging and trimming. It still looks a site better than before I started. The kids had a neighbor friend over for most of the afternoon and I just let them run wild together. They hung out on the swings while I mowed so I could keep my eyes on them. Jono hung out with Dad some so he could do man's work. Lol.

Grandpa has been running a fever all day today. It was pretty low-grade this morning but tonight it is around 102. We are keeping an eye on it. For now it seems that is his only symptom. Rob had something similar the week before last but with many more symptoms and a lower fever and cough. The kids have had it also but it's been weeks ago. Dad isn't coughing or having any of the other symptoms they did. We are just trying to watch him and do what we can to bring the fever down.

Well, better get some sleep. More later.

Friday, June 21, 2013


I had forgotten Mom had doctor appointment this morning (Friday) in SLC until she reminded me last night. It was to her Urologist--the one who handled her bladder cancer. This was just a follow-up check to make sure nothing had returned. Thankfully, she got an "all clear" so all is well.

She has the nicest (and youngest) doctor we've ever met. He truly is a Doogie Howzer of sorts. He came very highly recommended and is not only very smart but personable as well. We really like him a lot.

We watched "Return to Oz" with the kids tonight. It was pretty good but there were a few scary parts -- at least for the little ones--you know, mean, ugly witches and such, we would have done well to fast forward past them had we been quick enough. Just hoping they don't have any bad dreams tonight.

Well, it's been a long day so I am going to retire. I will write more tomorrow. Night.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


It is Thursday morning -- the wee hours of the morning that is. Our visitors leave this afternoon so I will be able to spend time catching up on my blog. It has been a really interesting and wonderful week.

Rob has been off all week and that has been so nice. It's a good thing, too because we have stayed up late and kept ourselves busy.

Dad had a tooth pulled last week and seems to be recovering just fine. Mom has had some tests and a check-up and is waiting to hear back on them.

I will try to catch things up tonight or tomorrow. Take care, N.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Nancy and Rob, June 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013


No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. We have some visitors from out of town here this week - so between getting ready for them to come and having them here I haven't had much time to blog. I have some fun things to share when I have a little more time. I just wanted to let you know we are alive and well.

Mom and Dad went to see Susan and family today. It's was Susan's birthday so they went and took her and her family to dinner and had cake with them. They were all doing well. Grandpa came back a little worn out but it was good for him to get out for a bit!

More later.

Happy Birthday Susan! I love you!

Monday, June 10, 2013


I've had a few weeks now of insomnia--getting only a few hours of decent sleep a night. That's never a good thing. On top of that, I've been trying to watch what I eat and exercise more. This morning, I was woken up by the telephone before 7:00 a.m. (after much too little sleep) by a nonsense call. Since I wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep I went down and got on the treadmill. Generally I feel better after doing the treadmill but today it was a bear to get through and I fought for every minute. I did it anyway--yay me!

I'm so tired though that my day has been kind of a blur. I had a lot to accomplish and haven't gotten a whole lot done~but thought you'd enjoy this funny faux pas I made. :)

It got really hot today. It hit 95 degrees here and 100 degrees in SLC. It was a humid heat too, so very, very hot, too, at least for here. I had just put the dogs outside and Carly asked me to get her something to eat. So, I went in the kitchen and got her something. Then I noticed the dogs wanted back in -- so I filled their water bowl and let them in.

I went back to whatever it was I was doing and about five minutes later Carly yells for me in a disgusted type voice-- MO-AHM--(translation MOM)!  "What?" I said, as I came out of my bedroom? I noticed her sitting at the dining room table and walked over to her to see what she wanted. "LOOK!", she demanded! So, I looked down at her place on the table where she was pointing, right as she said, "You gave me a dog bowl of water!" "What?", I said? Sure enough, I looked down and sitting in right her front was the large blue dog water bowl filled with water for the dogs.  (She couldn't have lifted it, I did it!)

I had been telling myself for over an hour before that I needed to get up and eat some protein--but I had just been too tired (or lazy) to get up and get it. Guess I should have done it earlier! I let my brain get a little too fuzzy! Lol. Well, at least I set it in front of the right child. Had I doesn't it in front of  Jono--I think he might have enjoyed it and thought I'd given him a treat. Silly boy. I have never been able to get him to keep his mitts or his mouth off the dog food bowl. In fact, it's been less than a month since we caught him playing in the dog water, again. BOYS--whatcha gonna do!!

Well, that's about all for now. Come visit us. We're all kinds of social. Pull up a chair and visit and I'll be sure to get you a nice, cold bowl . . . :P

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today (okay, I'm writing after midnight so it was technically yesterday, the 7th) I got to celebrate the anniversary of the best decision I've ever made--the decision to marry my sweetheart! I am truly married to the most wonderful man! He is such a loving, caring and thoughtful guy who really takes care of me and our children. It was even his idea to ask my parents to move here--and be with us! You just have to love a man like that--and I do! In fact, I am crazy in love with him! Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! I love you!

Our Wedding Day 2005
June 7, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today was such a busy day, I've hardly had time to catch my breath. I had an early morning appt. with Jono at his allergist. We got good news there and we are going to cut his meds in half. YAY!! At least we are going to try it and see how he does. We got through the winter so well we are hoping he is getting stronger and will be able to overcome much of what is causing his body to become ill.

Next, I had to run a few errands and hurry home to comb out Carly's hair so we could go have it braided. I took out the beads and twists last night but didn't comb through it. I knew if I did it last night I would have to do it all over again today. If you have never tried to comb through black hair, well, let me tell you--it is not an easy task. It does depend on the texture of hair but Carly's isn't easy to comb through. I washed and conditioned her hair and then it still took me a good 2.5 hours to comb through and detangle it all the way to her scalp so it wouldn't hurt her so much to get it braided. Plus, our braider can go so much faster if I have her hair prepped.

I didn't sleep well (or much) last night so I found myself nearly falling asleep sitting straight up at the braider's today and also during dinner tonight. We got home from getting Carly's hair done and I had to give myself a 15 minute time out just so I could re-focus my brain before I made dinner. I am so tired. Wow.

We had more errands to run after dinner. It has just been one of those non-stop days. Well, better get myself some sleep tonight. Take care.


Well, she went and did it. Miss Carly took a big leap forward into 'growing up' and I couldn't stop her! She lost her first tooth and she's so cute without it we've called off the search for it. We're not gonna look for it another minute. Besides that ~ we think the tooth fairy took it--(though we can't get her to admit it. ) Needless to say, it's caused quite a stir around here tonight--lots of excitement--especially from the younger generation. Lol!

We took a before and after. You knew that already, didn't you. See, you didn't even have to ask for them. We know each other so well, now. Maybe better than you care to--but hey, you keep coming back for more! Hahaha!

Here's my baby girl tonight:

Carly just before with all her teeth

Carly moments after losing her first tooth

She still has two others that are loose at the moment so eating could be fun for her this summer. Yikes! I do have to say she was very brave and didn't even cry! So proud of you Carly! You are growing up so fast but you will always, always be my baby girl. I love you sweetie, Mommy

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My Grandma Flint's Iris
I love these flowers. They came from starts all the way from my Grandma's farm. They were some of her favorites. My sister had them in her yard and now I have them in mine. I love my Grandma and I miss her so much. These are such sweet reminders of her. Love you Grandma. Always.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We did not make it to church today. Two kids with coughs and sniffles, one mom with a giant headache and a dad with a backache did not make for much fun. So, we stayed home and to ourselves. The weather was nice again today--though we spent it inside.

Megan came over and hung out for awhile and then had dinner with us and Family Home Evening. We watched a movie with the kids. Other than that--we were pretty low key today.

I do have a few pictures from our Home Depot gig yesterday I thought I'd share. As I said, a few of the neighbors went as well so we got a shot with them, too.

I love that they gave them little Home Depot aprons to keep -- with their names on them. They actually went to a lot of trouble to do these for the kids and the kits weren't cheap either--but they were free for the kids to do. Everything was free--and they gave them candy and a certificate at the end! Yay Home Depot! You can have my business any day! Oh wait--you already do! Now I realize how you can afford to do these for free--you're my husband's toy store! Lol!

Carly and Jono makin' lawnmowers

Posing for the mama

More posing

(Definitely unrehearsed and unposed--Lol!) L to R Sawyer, Ellie, Jono, Carly, Isaac                                                    

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We had such a nice day today. The weather was really great. Grandma got out and weeded and planted in the flower garden. Rob and I worked in the yard and on the veggie garden. We worked clear until almost 10:00 p.m.

We also took the kids (earlier in the day) over to The Home Depot and let them do a Make It Take It. It was fun! Several people from our neighborhood went. Home Depot does these cute little classes for kids every few weeks for free. They give the kids a cute little Home Depot apron with their name on it. At the end they get a piece of candy and a certificate of completion. Today they made this tiny wooden lawnmower that is actually a crayon or marker holder. The kids loved doing it and it was nice for them to go and do something out of the ordinary.

I answered the phone this morning and it was my Aunt Kaye calling. It was really nice to hear her voice. She is doing fairly well. She still has quite a few challenges ahead of her but it is just so good to be able to talk to her. Thanks so much to all of you for your many prayers in her behalf.