Sunday, June 2, 2013


We did not make it to church today. Two kids with coughs and sniffles, one mom with a giant headache and a dad with a backache did not make for much fun. So, we stayed home and to ourselves. The weather was nice again today--though we spent it inside.

Megan came over and hung out for awhile and then had dinner with us and Family Home Evening. We watched a movie with the kids. Other than that--we were pretty low key today.

I do have a few pictures from our Home Depot gig yesterday I thought I'd share. As I said, a few of the neighbors went as well so we got a shot with them, too.

I love that they gave them little Home Depot aprons to keep -- with their names on them. They actually went to a lot of trouble to do these for the kids and the kits weren't cheap either--but they were free for the kids to do. Everything was free--and they gave them candy and a certificate at the end! Yay Home Depot! You can have my business any day! Oh wait--you already do! Now I realize how you can afford to do these for free--you're my husband's toy store! Lol!

Carly and Jono makin' lawnmowers

Posing for the mama

More posing

(Definitely unrehearsed and unposed--Lol!) L to R Sawyer, Ellie, Jono, Carly, Isaac                                                    

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