Sunday, June 23, 2013


Grandpa's high fever had broken by morning and was down to just over 100 degrees.. I think it got over 103 in the night but it has stayed around 100 throughout the day. We have him drinking more liquids, water and juice. He never eats much anymore but we are getting down him what we can.

I had a migraine wake me up just before morning and have fought it off all day long. It has not turned out to be a very productive day as you can imagine. I got up fairly early but ended up going back to sleep for several hours trying to get rid of the headache. Thankfully, Rob was home to handle the kiddos.

Rob goes back to work tomorrow. He works this next week and then is off for a week when my Aunt and Uncle come from Alabama for my Dad's birthday. We really enjoy having them visit. They are going to spend a few days here before they head off on another adventure.

Well, better get myself in bed before I bring on another headache. Night all.

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