Friday, June 21, 2013


I had forgotten Mom had doctor appointment this morning (Friday) in SLC until she reminded me last night. It was to her Urologist--the one who handled her bladder cancer. This was just a follow-up check to make sure nothing had returned. Thankfully, she got an "all clear" so all is well.

She has the nicest (and youngest) doctor we've ever met. He truly is a Doogie Howzer of sorts. He came very highly recommended and is not only very smart but personable as well. We really like him a lot.

We watched "Return to Oz" with the kids tonight. It was pretty good but there were a few scary parts -- at least for the little ones--you know, mean, ugly witches and such, we would have done well to fast forward past them had we been quick enough. Just hoping they don't have any bad dreams tonight.

Well, it's been a long day so I am going to retire. I will write more tomorrow. Night.

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