Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today has been a catch-up day. Rob spent the day sanding doors to get them ready to paint. Somehow when they built our house they either painted our outside doors with indoor paint or just left the primer on them. We didn't know any different until the paint started bubbling off and the wood started to look like it might go bad if it didn't get fixed quickly. Contractor shortcuts . . . too many to mention--so little time. Gah!

I did get the yard mowed today--all except the edging and trimming. It still looks a site better than before I started. The kids had a neighbor friend over for most of the afternoon and I just let them run wild together. They hung out on the swings while I mowed so I could keep my eyes on them. Jono hung out with Dad some so he could do man's work. Lol.

Grandpa has been running a fever all day today. It was pretty low-grade this morning but tonight it is around 102. We are keeping an eye on it. For now it seems that is his only symptom. Rob had something similar the week before last but with many more symptoms and a lower fever and cough. The kids have had it also but it's been weeks ago. Dad isn't coughing or having any of the other symptoms they did. We are just trying to watch him and do what we can to bring the fever down.

Well, better get some sleep. More later.

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