Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So it turns out Dad's fever was a result of having Cellulitis again. Though this time he has it around his mid-section. He's had it several times before but only on his lower leg. We aren't sure what  brought this on but Mom got him into the doctor yesterday and he is on antibiotics. He was also a little dehydrated so we are trying to get more liquids down him. That has been a concern for awhile though. We never can get him to drink as much as we'd like--though he has done better lately. His fever is gone now or at least down.

Mom had an appointment with a surgeon today to check out her thyroid. She did have the beginnings of a tiny tumor they are going to remove at the end of July. Luckily she found a doctor that has done many, many of these removals so we feel pretty good about him. Wow, lately it seems like it has just been one thing after another here. Hopefully, we can get everyone feeling better and back on their feet really soon.

Sally and Seth arrive next week (give or take a few days) (Lol)--I think it's around the first or second of July. Dad's birthday is the fifth but we like to celebrate on the fourth and fifth--it keeps him happy! Hahaha! Hopefully we can have him nursed back to health by then! Just in case though, keep him and my mom in your prayers--Please!

More later.

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