Thursday, June 6, 2013


Well, she went and did it. Miss Carly took a big leap forward into 'growing up' and I couldn't stop her! She lost her first tooth and she's so cute without it we've called off the search for it. We're not gonna look for it another minute. Besides that ~ we think the tooth fairy took it--(though we can't get her to admit it. ) Needless to say, it's caused quite a stir around here tonight--lots of excitement--especially from the younger generation. Lol!

We took a before and after. You knew that already, didn't you. See, you didn't even have to ask for them. We know each other so well, now. Maybe better than you care to--but hey, you keep coming back for more! Hahaha!

Here's my baby girl tonight:

Carly just before with all her teeth

Carly moments after losing her first tooth

She still has two others that are loose at the moment so eating could be fun for her this summer. Yikes! I do have to say she was very brave and didn't even cry! So proud of you Carly! You are growing up so fast but you will always, always be my baby girl. I love you sweetie, Mommy

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