Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I was just going to put a little update on here and noticed my last post was about Sadie and what we thought was her last walk. We went to the vet that day just sure we had no choice but to put her down. It was very sad because she has all her faculties she just couldn't move at all on her own and she's 75 lbs. Anyway, we got her to the vet and the vet spent a few minutes examining her and told us Sadie had blown both knees out. "Wait, what?" I'm not sure we knew dogs had knees! Lol. The vet said one was probably an old injury but the other one was fresh. Wow, we just had no idea. I'd been treating her stiffness like it was hip displasia. But no, she just blew our her knees. So, on to some heavy pain and anti-inflammitory meds and hope she will be good as knew soon,

She has been on them almost a week now and has made a ton of improvement. She can stand and walk and get around for the most part on her own. Stairs are still a bit hard for her but she does the best she can.

Grandpa had a check up at the dermatologist today. He is doing fairly well but getting him in and out of the house to his appointment always wears him out. He has more energy on days when he stays in and works from home--and he seems to feel better when he gets a lot accomplished! But then, don't we all!

Well, not much more for today! More later.

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