Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This amazing little girl captured my heart right from the start and has never let go. She and I are so much alike that sometimes we frustrate each other but then after we're done we laugh. We hug a lot, we talk a lot and we love a lot. I cannot imagine my world without her in it. I am so blessed to call her mine. I am flabbergasted that she's turning 21. That means I've had her for almost exactly 10 years--I'm just short a few months. Wow, the time has truly flown by. I inherited Julie when she was eleven. I guess I thought she'd be a little girl for a lifetime, but that lifetime flew by before I knew it. I was looking at Carly yesterday who is just a few months short of turning 7. And I couldn't help but think she is just four years younger than when Julie was when I got her. It almost makes me feel panicky about how little time I have to teach her all I want to and to spend precious moments with her. Time is just so short.

Happy 21st Birthday to my amazing, loving, happy, positive, loyal, trustworthy, giving, wonderfully sweet  and  precocious daughter Julie. I am so proud of who you are--and I know I speak for your other Mom as well when I say that. You make us both proud Jules!

Have a wonderful Birthday Jules! Wish you could be here so we could celebrate with you. I love you so much--more than you can know.

My beautiful Julie through the years . . .

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