Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today, I got a happy surprise! Julie didn't think her schedule would work to be able to come home on her birthday but she was able to work it out after all. So, I picked her up at the train station late in the day and we were able to have a family dinner, birthday cake and presents together. It was a fun evening. We even got Grandpa to come upstairs! Yay! Julie was even able to stay overnight. I'm going to send her back on the train tomorrow! So nice to have her here for a bit. Megan was able to spend the evening with us too. She's not feeling very well but she came over anyway! Feel better Megs!

Here's a few pics of our evening! Carly and I were there but we are totally missing from the pictures! I was behind the camera but I'm not sure what Carly's excuse is! Hmmm. Oh well. Happy Birthday Julie!

Grandma and Julie
Jono, Grandpa and Julie

Grandpa and Jules

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Megan and Grandpa

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