Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, I don't know how much Christmas shopping you have done but I'd say we are about halfway there. Some of it we did early and were very thoughtful about it. The rest we have saved for the last minute panic mode. I mean really, it's no fun unless you get out there and fight your way through the malls and the Walmart crowd. Just kidding. Lol. But I did figure out that I save 100% on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales by just plain not participating!

Actually, we are pretty close to done. The things I have given up over the years are things like trying to get Christmas cards out and wrapping everything before 2 or 3 a.m. on Christmas morning.

We have spent more time this year teaching the kids the Christmas story each night. We spend a few minutes with them just before we have family prayer and during the last week we have made a special effort to help them understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas and what it stands for. I know they will always be excited by the sights and sounds of Christmas. I just want them to always remember our Savior, Jesus Christ is the biggest part of why we are celebrating.

So, anyway--we are trying not to overdue on the commercialism this year and put a lot more effort and thought into what is most important. Hope it is a wonderful season for you and yours.

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