Saturday, December 13, 2014


Our "Elf on the Shelf's" name is Madigan (pronounced Mad Again). Yes, I believe that may have been intentional. Lol. We pulled him out of his hiding place about a week ago and he began making his surprise visits. The first day was FABULOUS! Jonathon had not behaved that well for me since --well to be truthful, since he was a sleeping babe in arms. I didn't have to get after him once. He did everything I asked him. He was happy and didn't fight with his sister. I absolutely could have kissed that little Elf!

Madigan has shown up everyday faithfully. Some days he brings the kids a note reminding them Christmas is coming and Santa is watching. He says some nice things too. Other days he's doing some sort of action. He showed up this morning zip-lining in the dining room. Oh my! He's got so much energy! But I can't say I'm crazy about the ideas he's giving Jono! Really Madigan--zip-lining in the dining room?! C'mon man! It won't be long till I find Jono sliding zipping across some ceiling in the house! Well, I guess as long as he's minding otherwise I will just have to deal with it! Thanks Madigan for helping make things a little quieter around our house these days!

Our little friend was busy setting up his zip-line while we slept!
Madigan with a note reminding the kids both he
and Santa are watching and listening! This was one
of his first stunts! Crazy elf!


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