Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Grandpa went to the doctor today. She is pretty sure his stomach trouble is ulcers and they will begin treatment with medication for ulcers. That's a really good outcome considering all the alternatives. Hopefully, the medication will help pretty quickly and he can feel up to eating more soon. He's gotten pretty skinny. :(

Rob and I had a date tonight. We went to a musical called The Forgotten Carols. It's a lovely Christmas Musical. We went to see it last year and loved it so much we went back again. It was really nice. We got a babysitter for the evening and really enjoyed ourselves.

It's biting cold here. It was 12 degrees when we got out of the musical. I am really glad to climb into my warm bed tonight. Well, not much else to tell. Hope you are all safe and warm. :)

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