Sunday, July 13, 2014


Saturday night out of no where Jonathon started throwing up! He wasn't running a fever or feeling sick before that. Once he started though, he couldn't stop for a couple of hours. I finally remembered we had some medicine from a previous vomiting illness, so I gave him some of that. Within a short time he not only stopped throwing up, he fell sound asleep. I felt so bad for him I was so glad we had something that helped and gave him a break. I expected to be up in the night with him again but I wasn't. I woke up to a bright eyed, cheery and very hungry boy today. I still kept him home from church as a precaution.

He did great all day. No sign of illness and then around 8 p.m. again, out of no where he suddenly starts throwing up again. Gah! I think he's allergic to evenings! Back to the meds and to bed little one! Poor little guy!

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