Monday, July 21, 2014


Grandpa had some oral surgery today. He had to have a back tooth pulled. Luckily it was in a spot where it won't be missed. He did great! He was a little weak after the surgery but he is doing fine. Poor guy, the dentist won't let him have anything but ice cream and pudding and the like for 48 hours. What a life! Jono would be in Heaven! Just add Cheetos to that and he'd think it was perfection personified! Lol!

I am a little surprised the kids didn't ask to see his tooth or remind him to put it under his pillow so the tooth fairy would visit him. I am sure they will think of  it in the morning. They were a little pre-occupied with playing today. I guess I have all night to come up with some funny line for what the tooth fairy does if you forget to put your tooth under the first night.  . . . Or why the tooth fairy won't accept a tooth the dentist pulls--or even better--why the tooth fairy won't take a tooth that's been chewed on for more than 50 years! Lol! Like I said I've got all night . . . me and insomnia that is. Hahaha!

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