Saturday, July 19, 2014


Rob and I are offically wiped out. This morning we went to spend a couple of hours helping some friends move and ended up spending more like 6 1/2
hours helping them move. That wouldn't have been so bad except the temperature outside read 97 degrees and since they had the doors wide open on both houses they turned the air conditioning off to the houses. Needless to say it was one long, hot, exhausting day! 

We came home laid in bed and watched a movie. We were so hot neither of us even ate dinner, though, don't worry, we did feed the kids.

I'd forgotten how awful moving a whole home is. Remind me why people do it when they have a choice? I know there are times when people don't have a choice. But when someone has a perfectly good home and just decides one day they want to lug thousands of pounds of belongings between two different buildings--sometimes many, many miles apart--why would anyone in their right mind do that? Yah--"right mind" -- that's the key. See what I'm saying? Lol! That's my point.


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